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  1. Did you pick the DMD on BG option in the pinup pack?
  2. Great job on the table, thanks a lot.
  3. You have to got into the editor and move lights out the way of the table and just place the top lights where they were, they look like a solid colour, the ones with the red circles just put them back where they where.
  4. It's just a preset POV I made for all the DMD tables, have one for Solid state tables as well, portrait mode on my monitor. Had to edit this table in the editor as it doesn't look right in portrait mode.
  5. Another quality backglass from wildman, thanks.
  6. Oh yeah it is, good job I know how to edit it myself to make it work better for my portrait monitor.
  7. Thanks for this. Fixed it for my POV.
  8. The only one that come up in the search is the BG video, not the actual backglass. Found it by manually looking cheers
  9. Looks really good thanks, hope to see a backglass to match, seems no one has done one yet.
  10. Thanks alot, missed the lock option in the menu, I did wonder if there was one.
  11. Never had any problems with tables in my preset POVs I use in portait mode. I play like this because my monitor can and it's closer to what pinball tables look like. Also I've leaned not to scretch the table in anyway, I just move the table offset in place to match the backglass
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