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  1. Looks superb on my single portrait monitor setup, thanks.
  2. For some reason when using this is locks the flippers sometimes, works just fine with the backglass. Great pack though but unusable for me.
  3. Awesome, was watching a pinball tournament recently and they were playing this, I like to give those tables they play a shot. The only downside to this is because it's VR I can't have it portrait and external backglass, has to have the intergrated VR backglass and box.
  4. I finally decided to do a 4K portrait setup with backglass and ultra DMD on a single screen. Here's some shots.
  5. Yes my goal is to find them and play them but there is no arcades anymore in my area, probably would find them on holiday in the big arcades
  6. Never played a real pinball machine, was always into arcade games, played digital pinball in the past on various platforms but never a real pinball machine
  7. I like this table. As an arcade machine guy I do like these old pinball machines since they're like the arcade machines with simular sound effects of the time, never played pinball during my arcade days, fanastic table designs and art like the arcade machines. I missed all this pinball greatness through the 80s onwards, never even played a real one.
  8. The tablet looks great but man it's not for the faint hearted or noobs, it's brutal.
    The table plays great, looks great and sounds great, it's unique on top. Beautiful work.
  9. Yes LUT presets are a good idea like on the Hook table but was wondering if the day and night cycle built in to the app could be used in VR.
  10. I'll have a look into it cheers. I never liked that dark space behind the table in the VR room either, pretty easy to make another wall though and placement.
  11. Thought about having a crack at it myself but I can't do anything on the coding side, just in the editor, it's a shame they can't tie the environment lighting option of the table to the VR room, probably can but just havn't done it yet, I mean I can't see why not, the room is lit by it's own light sources, probably would just needs some scripting magic, I mean I wouldn't expect real time lighting from the table but again I don't see why not other than a performance thing.
  12. You know what would be nice, it an option to change the VR room lighting conditions and the table syncs with that lighting, like a day night version. is there any way this can be linked to the automatic day and night cycle option already there? I've been watching the PAPA pinball videos and the lighting is great on the real tables, exterior lighting makes a big difference and those screenshots don't do the tables justice in VR, they look washed out.
  13. I just can't seem to get on with this table, DMD is good though, prefer America's Most Haunted so hopfully there will be a VR version of that, hint, hint
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