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  1. loved your sneak peak a few weeks ago. Can't wait to try this out. judging by the comments, are there a few hoops we need to jump through for it to work? thanks
    The sound bytes and music go excellent with the aesthetic of the playfield which capture the feel of the era and movie very well. The playfield is top notch 10/10 graphically. The physics are a bit slow and floaty, and I can't hear the ball at all, but it's still lots of fun!
  2. just tried it out. Very nice looking. Fast and furious. Was trying to change to english to no avail but i see in the comments to just change the rom. ..edit.. Do I have to change rom name in script or can i just replace the french rom? Thanks!
    This is the best table i have ever played. It is absolutely beautiful and controls like a dream. The table itself is so full of fun things to do and discover, and the pup pack is very responsive and varied. Needless to say, it is my favorite.
  3. THANK YOU! you completed a great table. great craftmanship
  4. Thank you for the incredible work. @ItchyRobot10.7 shouldn't be a problem. Just take a minute and copy the .exe from 10.7 and add it as an alternative launcher. Look for the nailbuster video going over neat things to do in baller installer. He goes over this at about 30 minutes in
  5. thanks for replying.. i have correct rom, my ultradmd is working for other tables, and i places mp3s in music folder
  6. why oh why does it just show the table for a second and then disappear after it loads? This is the only table that does this to me. I cannot wait until I figure out the problem!!!
  7. thank you for the amazing collaboration work
  8. Thank you for all of the hard work. One of the best pup packs out there.
    This is so good! For my 3 screen set up I use option 3 and it looks absolutely fantastic! highly recommended. Use a colored dmd with this if you can to add to the spectacle!
  9. Thank you for the dedication seeing this one through as this table is very dependent on the dmd and backglass screens. You added much more enjoyment to this unique experience. btw, what's up with all of the question marks after people's comments here? lol
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