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  1. At the request of VBob I upgraded to 4.18 for Monopoly. The rest of my displays are all at 4.10, in my other games.
  2. With your Monopoly machine, can you tell us if you have an Evo, Nucleo or Discovery pin2dmd? How do I tell what version I have?
  3. I can test in the morning (EST). Sorry, I have had work obligations.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my work in progress Monopoly coloring. I still have lots of changes to make. Still working on transition screens.
  5. @bushav Nice pickup with the LW3. Once you start they will multiply. Almost all my games are pin2dmd now. I am addicted to them. I have 20 games all with pin2dmd installed in each. I will never be orange again!
  6. Monopoly is moving along. Finding more and more problems as I continue coloring. I had 2 weeks of work that were brutal and allowed for minimal coloring. Many things I just don’t understand. Getting frustrated with stuff I expect to work well and then it doesn’t. One thing I am still trying to figure out is a static dynamic scene, that will flash the jackpot score 2 different colors (so only the bottom hash changes, top hash stays the same). The flash will occur for about 20 frames. I haven’t figured out how to color this correctly. Basically had to redo almost every scene as the fade in and fade outs are killing me. Doing as VBob has suggested and blacking out other background scenes in the animation. Trying delays and other tricks for the transitions. Some of the fades should work and I see default palette bleed through. The wizard mode, LAND GRAB info scene, I am going to have to treat like a video mode and get all possible positions of houses and hotels (48 positions) This is going to be an outright pain, as there is a bug in the code that does a funny reset of game display and flashes monopoly start up code and changes free play to credits in subsequent scenes, messes up capturing of the houses and hotels. I can post some real and vpin files if anyone wants to see the progress so far. I am using 64 color editor.
  7. Well Monopoly may have just died. I was doing some coloring. I always save my project after every scene I color or fix. Now my project file will not load anymore. Error: Ein unerwarteter Fehler ist aufgetreten reason: java.lang.RuntimeException: error calling onLoadProject tried reinstalling editor and java 64. No luck.
  8. Thank you so much for the information. I won’t be trying to color by trial and error as much anymore! 90% colored on Monopoly. Just trying to get triggers set up now and proper sequencing.
  9. Thanks Slippi. I will try it with only setting a hash and keyframe at the beginning of the replace sequence. The multiball scene I am doing is 16 frames. I was setting a hash and keyframe for every subframe in the sequence. All 16 frames. I got the animation to work like this but I would rather do it the proper way. Thank you for the tips!!! I’ll be coloring again tonite.
  10. I will do more experimenting. My next attempt is going to be to divide the scene into the repeating frames. Frames 1-7 repeat, so I’ll try to use the replace sequence to “replace this repetition”. Will be trying it now. I have been chopping up this multiball scene for a few days now.
  11. I have been trying unsuccessfully to use both color mask sequence and replace sequence. I am working on the multiball scenes. No dynamic content. I cut the scene, color it using color mask, then I switch over to replace sequence. I set a keyframe and a hash for each frame in the sequence (animation). When I try in the real pinball, the very last frame in the animation stays on the screen and will not change off the last frame. When I restart multiball (after I drain 2 balls) the restart multiball animation uses all the frames from the first multiball scene, just not all of them. I get no color in this scene. I thought when you use replace sequence that any frame I have already colored and keyframed and hashed would appear colored anytime during the game. Am I misunderstanding the way the replace works?
  12. Thank you for the tip on “color mask sequence”. I will be trying it out this weekend. Monopoly has so many tranistion scenes. It is really making it tough on many scenes. Almost every single scene, fades, rolls or shrinks/enlarges. I am having a difficult time with “delay” and how to use it. I don’t understand how changing the value can work to my advantage. Or what I should change values to.
  13. I have started to color Monopoly. I can usually color a scene with little problem. When I test my files in my real monopoly I have some problems with the animation scene bleeding over colors into the score screen. Here is a few scenes I have colored. I have colored way more but I can not get them to trigger during the game.
  14. If you are already using the CB3 project just continue with 16 colors and save yourself lots of time.
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