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  1. Itchigo


  2. When I use that code I make the backglass ID's around that code so I can copy and paste. I'd open it up in the editor and see what the ID's are. Just to get the bg to display copy and paste this in the top of the script after the DIMS. DIM this or that. Dim Controller LoadController Sub LoadController() Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") Controller.B2SName = "Table Name" ' *****!!!!This must match the name of your directb2s file!!!! Controller.Run() End Sub
  3. B2s Commands.txt Master Reel Coding.txt I don't know if this will help you but it's my copy and paste when I make them. Master reel coding is for the em's.
  4. I'm working on learning to make a DB2S DMD. I see that DB2S will allow me to use a .gif file as an illumination frame. Can I use a .gif (or other) for DMD images? Or do I have to use multiple images like flipcards? I've tried looking for any documentation on how to do this in DB2S, but haven't found anything yet. I want to turn one of my 2 screen tables into a 3 screen table.
  5. I see at least 3 that I have on my site, so some are out there. So you're b2s's no longer work? Or you just want to replace them for the sake of replacing them? I have 794 tables on my cab, 76 are b2s's. They all work just fine.
  6. I like the Duo! If it were bigger you could watch tv on that screen.... (I have my backglass hooked up to the cable/media). Awesome work!
  7. Thanks Wildman!! Now we need a nice stock set of numbers for Tilt, match, ball in play, etc to use as snippets. Phil usually gives me a backglass and a template (shown). Then I cutout the numbers and use them as snippets. Too bad there's no resizing option in DB2s. PITA that you can't stretch a snippet to resize.
  8. Think I have that covered... One problem I didn't think about is Pinball X is choking on my database. With 2,782 Mame, Pinball X is taking 2 minutes to open...
  9. I used this tool to generate an xml based on working games, and the controllers I had. I did have to modify the tags for Pinball X, but it works. 2,782 Mame, and 734 FS tables. http://www.waste.org...nkles/ROMLister <game name="005"> <description>005</description> <cloneof /> delete <manufacturer>Sega</manufacturer> <year>1981</year> <genre>Maze / Shooter Small</genre> change to type </game>
  10. Version 1.0


    This is a mod of Compufox's vp8 Dolphin from Pinball Nirvana. I tried to get permission from him, but he's mia. I really have not modified the table anyway, other than rotating it and adding the backglass code. This uses Wildman's backglass from VPU (thanks). Because of the way the table is coded I cannot make it work for more than 2 players. Compufox used the schematic when writing the code, so he's the only one who understands what's going on here. It was a hell of a time, just getting the backglass functions to work. :Whiteflag: Also, I can't seem to disable the popup at the start of the ga
  11. I still agree with this. The download numbers only made a difference to me when I was starting out. It was more of an ego thing at the time. It doesn't mean there couldn't be a rule about authors being mia after a given period of time though.
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