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    The detail in this rom is amazing! Beautifully done for what is arguably one of the most beautiful tables in pinball.
    Beautiful colorization. Mix this with the altsound from the movie and the VPW version of the table and what a difference it makes.
  1. Looking forward to playing this. I always enjoy your ReMix tables.
  2. Such a beautiful colored rom. Best time of the year to download this too!
    There are a lot of tables out there and I’ve played quite a few. But I must say, this is by far the most realistic I have experienced yet. I praise VPW on my YouTube channel all the time because the work that they all do is always amazing and essential downloads to any person’s cab. But this version of TFTC takes it a step further. I can compare this to the actual machine I play in my local arcade where the South Jersey Pinball League hold their weekly matches. I must say they are pretty spot on from what I can tell. But the most impressive feature of this table are the depth of the graphics. This table looks like the real deal. It has such polished detail and incredible lighting that I sometimes forget I’m playing a vpin. Pair this with a beautiful b2s and the full color rom and I could be happy playing this one alone for weeks. Bravo VPW! I don’t know if anything can come close to this until the new VP engine comes out (in the far far future.) Bravo!
  3. Ok after messing around with my pup settings I got it working and I must say this table is awesome!!! Thank you for all the detail you put into it. I’m not too big in pup pack tables but ones like this make it that much more enjoyable. I especially love the episode 1 Jamie ball lost clip.
  4. Love this movie and the table is an amazing tribute to it! Plays awesome and I really love the little electric arc you have going on to keep the ball from draining out the lane. Awesome work.
  5. Yes, and I tried the other bat options. I then went into the adjust this bat file and tried adjusting manually. No luck. That first one with the DMD on BG is the best one. It gives what you saw in the picture. The other options just gives a score, no picture at all.
  6. I’m already running 1.4.6 this is the only pup pack I seemed to have issues. Ran tales from the crypt, batman 66, and Goonies fine today.
  7. Ok, want to play this but Having some crazy issues with the pup pack. I have a two screen setup so I want everything on the backglass screen. Only thing showing up is the dmd. What am I doing wrong here?
  8. Super excited about this! Fun table and given the VPW treatment is awesome!
  9. Sweet table! I look forward to playing around on it.
  10. GGPinball


  11. Welcome back! Any chance of party monsters nude mod? Something about the toy boobs makes me giggle like beavis and butthead
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