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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi My Dads over at the moment and he LOVES this table so i thought Id throw together a quick animated MP4 to drag into media manager [popper]. Enjoy and check out my other files to add something to that third screen. PLUR. x clarkee x
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Everyone. I just couldnt resist doing my own Hendrix 3rd display option. I hope you enjoy it. PLUR. Happy Ballin Clarkee
    100% improvement, thanks Jolene....oops i mean wildman. x
    This table is the BOMB!! Dear Team Tuga, we would be forever in your debt if you could be so kind as to make a pup pack for this!!!!!!!!! Much love from Spain
    Found the pup pack...came straight here to Mr Walshs section boom, love it. Made it my day....see what i did there? no? ok ill get my coat...TAXI!!!😁
    Knocked it out the park again dude. Many thanks - big improvements x
    Knocked it out the park again dude. Many thanks
  3. Right cmon....admit it....whos got a VPW tables section in their menu?😜
    Honestly its like being a broken fu**ing record with you guys.... EFFING AMAZING!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Thats the dark knight backglass pic not the data east batman b2s...hehe
    Managed to get hold of this pup pack and immediately looked for the Walsh Jackson files... many thanks. Love it!
  5. There is but its been around a while, youll have to hunt down via google - sorry i cant help more!
    6STARS!!-simply stunning what a difference, this and the VPW table kicks ass!! Thanks
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