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  1. Version 1.0.0


    I use this on my 16x9 FullDMD (always on) in PinupPopper Senjutsu FullDMD Animation 1920x1080.mp4
  2. Version 1.0.3


    Instruction card for this awesome new table! 1920x1080 I use this as Help Media in Pinup Popper which screen pops on my backglass when I press my button mapped to Help
    Love your loading videos. Keep up the great work!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Quickly made these for 3 Screen users who have fullscreen monitors for their DMD and are also using the beautiful B2S DMD hauntfreaks made. Designed for B2SDMD on the bottom half of your screen. Instructions: Can be used in PinupPopper FE. Just drag them into Apron/FullDMD in Media Manager. If you aren't keeping the Apron/FullDMD display on by default in the emulator settings, you will need to enable it for this particular game. See screenshot below.
    Lighting is great, graphics are crisp, I can see depth and it looks truly like the LED insert screens are set back. A fantastic backglass.
  4. This backglass is really fantastic. On my monitor I can see depth and it looks truly like the LED insert screens are set back. Great job. Thanks!
  5. That's an older one. I believe mine is version 1.5 with 4K playfield but will check tomorrow.
  6. Yes, and its great! I beleive it may have only been hosted at vpinball.com though...
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Video for users who wish to relocate the original puppack backglass to their FULLDMD and would like Translite(s) on their backglass monitor. Disolve fade to a new image every 15 seconds. Could also use this as PoPMedia for the game in PinupPopper.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Please see the attached screenshot for where and how to apply the various files. I've included 4k backglass image as well as a few other common sizes. I will post my mini-puppack in a different category. Demo here: Metallica MoP Front-end Media Demo
  9. I'm not clear on what you mean when you say you have no difference on your Pin2DMD. What are your expectations for the Pin2DMD? I'm guessing you are trying to display the b2s DMD on it? I don't have a Pin2DMD but I did some basic reading on it now and am confused as to how this topper and b2s dmd would work with it. I would assume the Pin2DMD would only display the rom DMD on it but could be wrong as I've never tried it. Do you have a picture of your cab with a game from the 80's running on it and showing the Pin2DMD you could share? The pupack settings only require SHOW Topper and nothing else. They are for the Topper video. So it will display the Topper wherever you have positioned it when you initially ran PinUpPlayerConfigDisplays.bat and set up all your displays. My displays settings for pinup popper Topper screen is display 0 and I have it set to 1280x400 (top half of my middle display). For the b2s to work properly with it, the DMD setting in my screenres.txt file had to be set accordingly. Screen 3 resolution of 1280x400 and position of the b2s DMD at 1680x400. This is because its relative to the backglass and my backglass screen is 1680 wide. So the b2s DMD is shown below and starts at 400pixels and goes to the bottom (800 pixels) The b2s DMD on my 16x10 DMD screen would otherwise be stretched over the whole screen and cover the topper. What does your cab screen layout consist of?
  10. View File Cyclone Topper with updated b2s and mini puppack I love Cyclone! All time favorite. I took wildman's directb2s and modified the DMD with newer graphics and adjusted it for my setup. I use a FullDMD (1280x800). So my screenres.txt has my directb2s DMD at 400 high(Y) and my Pup Topper is also 400 high. ** I found the Cyclone graphics from various websites, the magic smoke cloud from Footage Crate and the background carnival video from a fullDMD video someone previously made. Submitter soundscape Submitted 04/30/2021 Category PuP Packs  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Finally these are now available. Big thanks to Nick Chambers for generously hosting this content as theres almost 40GBs of videos I've included plain videos as well as the ones with the text at various resolutions. \ The font I used and wheels I made are also there. I've found a lot of this content in the public domain and assembled and edited it. If you prefer shorter video clips you can download the free MP4 tools, MP4 Splitter and Joiner. They are fast as they don't re-encode anything. Enjoy! Mega Folder - https://mega.nz/folder/AFxCgAIB#y7FStMQfl0G5vBqWB20KLQ
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Pharaoh - Dead Rise FullDMD and Topper bezel underlay videos. There are a few ways you can apply these. In my case I'm displaying the alphanumeric Freezy DMD on top of the Apron/FullDMD. In Popper setup/global config/displays I have Apron/FullDMD set to Active and Update and I just applied the FullDMD video to the Apron/FullDMD in Media Manager for the game. The FullDMD was modeled after the one made by the original table creators (watacaractr, xenonph, *HiRez00, and JPSalas). Enjoy! I've included just the Topper video as well.
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