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  1. I want to ask my sincere apologies for my English, it is very basic +, I speak Spanish and Italian, Google helps me a lot, my goal is to be able to use the plunger and the nudge, get to that clean, it will be a great advance, I read about x360ce, I tried with it and the result was a great confusion in the buttons that without that program worked well.
  2. Hi there! I get hooked on this thread, I have Steam FX3 cabinet mode installed without frontend I also have VPX installed, initially the project was for VPX, but for the moment I give up using it so as not to create more confusion, the buttons go through a kl25z that I bought in a French store already configured, along with the linear potentiometer, and they work in both systems, I get to make the plunger work in VPX, but not in FX3, the nudge does not work in either system, I want to clear my mind a bit by resetting everything , starting only from the FX3 base with the kl25z, to make plunger
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