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  1. I'm having a couple issues. Table, sound, b2s all load and work fine. After I play one game my start button stops working. I have to back out and reload the table. Also, there is no sound playing out of my sub. Is it set up for surround sound?
  2. Thanks for pointing me in the right direct! The guy I bought them from never sent me the info on how to set it up on MY DOF profile. All these months I've never updated any toys besides lighting! As always thanks for your help!
  3. I bought my solenoids from someone else that came with that file. It looks like it has updated after that, but now it does not. How can I set up to match what he did? I don't want the wrong solenoids firing. I tried copying just the commands for this table into the file, but that didn't work
  4. Which config file from DOF site controls solenoids? Is it the directoutputconfig40? because that is the only one that does not come in my zip file
  5. I'm still having an issue with my solenoids. All other DOF works great, but them. All other tables work fine, but I have come across this same issue with JPs Deadpool as well. My config files are updated
  6. Thank you for the clarification. There's a lot of info on vpin and it's not always easy to learn about them all until something comes up.Can you point me to where I can learn how to add DOF to FP tables using DOF Linx?
  7. Edited the above. Did not know there were any rules in regard to DOF. I misunderstood since the post said add DOF to any FP table and didn't notice the need for it to be on DOF config. I just want to add DOF for my own personal use, not to share if it's not allowed. I spent 8 months putting this together, haven;t shared tables, sold tables or anything. I am just curious why I can't mod a table for personal use? I respect all the authors and the time they put in, but i've modded tables to fit my personal perferences and would never share that without permission. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Sorry read your post after. The main one I want is Pinup Jukebox the 80s- VPX for now.
  9. Thanks! Pinup Jukebox the 80s- VPX Dark Crystal -VPX Never Ending Story - VPX Deal or No Deal - FP oo7 Casino Royale - FP 007 50th Anniversary - FP Black Knight Swords of Rage - FP Cadash - FP Classic Panic - FP Fist of the North Star - FP Galaga - FP Gradius - FP World Tour - FP The King of Dragons - FP Mega Man - FP Moon Patrol - FP Psycho Pinball trick or Treat - FP Psycho Pinball Wild West - FP Rocket Derby - FP Space Invaders - FP Spy vs Spy - FP Stepmania - FP Willow - FP
  10. What's the process to get them added? There's some great FP tables I would love to add DOF to. I watched all your tutorials and I am ready to get started!
  11. Will this work even if the table isn't listed on DOF Config Tool site?
  12. Any reason why it isn't working? Every other table I have that uses them works fine.
  13. Does this table have DOF for solenoids? Lights, beacons and fan work great. It looks like it's there on DOF config toll, but I can't seem to get it to work.
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