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  1. Howzit okes, Stoked this site is back up and running. Been playing a few VPX tables and really loving the 90's era tables. Living in South Africa Cape Town there arent many people who have them down here as iv never come across anyone. Looks like its pretty popular in USA ect. Anyway like i said im digging the 90's pinball vibes & really loving word cup soccer 1994, junk yard 1996, Indiana jones the pinball adventure 1993, Jurassic park 1993. You can pick them up for a price of a small car but they still cheaper than the newer pinball machines >_<. Fish tales and no good
  2. Hey OP. i have v2 but your recent version the link is dead?
  3. Pity i cant find the VPX table anywhere anymore since vpin is down
    One of the best fun tables! Great music! Classic remake
  4. Awsome mate! i have the previous Hook table, this updated one shows line 697 update material error? vpinball is down so i cant see the fix? Edit: Delete the line of code and it works.
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