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  1. K ladies and gents, a long and boring video that just shows off a couple of the scenes. No one will really play the game like this in real life but it is neat to see what had to be THE WORLDS LARGEST, HEAVIEST, LOWEST RESOLUTION movie clip player.
  2. Feast your eyes on this!! ! Thx for the help everyone!! If you listen to the multiball sequence you can hear that the call outs and sound effects sync to the sequence! Great framework dtatane!! The scenes are replaced and lucky1, great work on the copy image paste on osx. I can invoke screen grab, set my 128x32 mask, and the paste directly into the editor worked great and played very nice with my palette options, which was a nice relief!
  3. how can i delete or overwrite this single frame so i can edit it again? it is the highlighted title - it is in 24 plane and no editing appears to have an effect on the image. this, "scene" is a single image. as you can see there is a large sequence of them. I need to delete this one. I tried renaming it, but it looks like the reference is not just the file name. as it is still connected to a keyframe.
  4. Hi Lucky1, I have tested the editor newest version. 1. the image pasted in 24 plane does not get corrupted on rpin output. 2. the image pasted in editor shows as 24 plane 3. the image pasted in editor IF 24 PLANE, can not be edited any longer - i cannot paste over the image, I cannot paste over the image with a 6 plane image either. 4. the palette does not show correctly on 24 plane image in the editor, and the output rpin image shows without corruption, but the palette is slightly off and does not match the assigned palette from pin2dmd.
  5. Proof of concept, it looks ok, but im not going to get into timings and reordering things. I straight up replaced scenes. I have dtatane credited in another attract mode easter egg! Need to test the newest editor..
  6. I havent had a chance to test my broken proejct and reverted back to an earlier save copy and then repasted my imports, created new palettes and then re quantized the scenes and finally pasted it all over dtatanes hard work... i feel a bit dirty. @slippifishi you are totally right the bones for this project would be great for an HD REMIX. It would be much easier to copy paste every scene from a gif resize import - saves a ton of work from any touch ups. Also, another issue is once its scaled up, the 64 color palette may look very limited, as even in video, the panels need very careful palette choices. Anyway @slippifish, i won't get too crafty for demolition man! Lol, i think stick to the basics and flex more of that cross hatch dithering - i think that lost art looks ace in DM. Keep posted for the video uploads of my LAH movie mod, its been fun and even an easter egg. They certainly look better in real life, i wish the software would allow palette tuning - its just better off for static images. The Pin2dmd editor is a complex beast - one that honestly we don't give it credit for. it tries to be a simplified paint program it supports importing of gifs it allows adjusting of palettes, creations of net new finally it does the work to tie in the scenes, replaced or drawn, and keys them into the game to be played back in-game. Working within that sandbox - this is probably the LOWEST DEF of this movie export ever, with that said, it does look better in real life on the dmd, but its a far cry from the media we are used to - heck our phone's screen is like 30x the resolution of the dmd. Also, dmds refresh at 60fps, but the way the data east writes to it isn't like wpc and doesn't refresh the same - at least on LAH, i know i have seen 60fps scenes in LW3. also, the movie scenes are down sampled gifs that are downsampled to 128x32 pixels!!! even with good color gradients, i would need some good dithering to make it look really good, ala secret of monkey island type of illustration to bring the images to the next level.. but at 128x32, there isn't a lot of resolution to play with here unlike the old vga/ega days where we got at least 640x480, 320x240 types of resolutions...
  7. Hi Lucky, I pasted a frame from a newly imported scene. The import was 24 plane. The pasted frame also says 24 plane. When i try to paste the quantized 6 plane version to correct my work, it will not reset the plane to 6 plane but pastes the image, and leaves it as 24 plane, my work is corrupted when played back on rpin. can you tell us how to change the mistake paste 24 plane image back to a 6 plane image for the scene?
  8. Question gents, how can i change a keyframe assignment from a plus sign [+] to a brush? I want to change it to a REPLACE, but it appears to be stuck on FIXED. What am i doing wrong?
  9. Question gents, how can i correct my 0 - pal0 palette? It appears i overwrote it and messed it up, i suspect thats causing the flashing. Ah i opened another project and saved the palette and reloaded it into this one! Whew
  10. Its ok, i started over. One thing that is odd is after i did multiple scene replacement, i notice the screen sometimes lights all pixels when it did not before. Like a flash between screen changes. Ill keep looking into it. Video to follow later this evening
  11. question - once I have pasted over a scene and it converts to 24 plane, the editor does not allow me to paste a quantized 6plane image over top of it. anyone else experienced it?
  12. Thanks lucky1 Going to make some progress on this maybe over the weekend!!! Dont worry datante- there is still the all dots version i saved a few revisions ago.
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