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  1. How do animations look? Does the current processor have enough power to colorize 64 color and upscale? Wow that looks amazing!! Would love to see it installed in a game running full [email protected]
  2. Cant wait. Noticed that while playjng, when the game shows the preview of the current highest score champion that it is uncolored. Balls draining animation at end of last action hero 6 ball play is uncolored also. Good to hear you can travel with the current health situation. Where i am in toronto, we are still in phase 1 of reopening... your LAH work is honestly one of the highlights of my boring days. Ill continue adding random images and or movies of scenes that exhibit inconsistent coloring, here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HRLxDfPYjAHFZ3j56
  3. @malenko, trueno92 from the lw3 pinside thread, here. Once more of this develops, ill try to get some done. Im curious how existing work looks when its upscaled.. i hope it isnt too ugly..
  4. Hey Lucky1 - good to see those flexible panels come in useful after all!!! Wow, if you post a picture of that speaker panel in machine, you are really going to have colordmd camp steamed up!!!
  5. Ideal for backgrounds: Come back later The roof BIG mistake Skill shot is still hit and miss, dont worry too much on it, probably missing frames. Pop bumper coloring is overlapping wrong. I thought lcm would nail it.. too bad.. Last, action, hero sequence last is not colorized.
  6. I see all the same things that mr Flens sees. Chicken animation looks great!! Totally changes it.
  7. Bumper explosion is strange now with a lot of brown and white being displayed Play chicken background is mind blowing!! Its amazing! Happy to hear you want to try and add more, it really looks next level!! I cant attach many files now to the forum so i will be adding a google photos shared album to capture the videos and images. Stay tuned.
  8. Sounds good, been tied up lately but i also noticed this while i was winning: Super jackpot animation with balls bouncing ahead of the text is yellow every where. Sometimes white and red and jumps back to yellow.
  9. I am gonna be up late tonight 😜 Amazing work!! The pop humper animations and color masking ks changed, looks great, im not exactly sure how it should look but now thr red and yellow do not overlap on the same score graphic. Each bumper makes a solid colour graphic when all 3 are on screen at the same time!! Rectangle with text looks great. Verticle color scale boarder instead horizontal. It flashes nicely. Would be neat if it scrolled upwards in the color bands but i dont think its possible. Chicken countdown looks amazing. Makes me want backgrounds in dekkers
  10. Just got my 1.13 rom, and my replacement spinner as my original was missing with the game. Its gonna be a great night!!
  11. @dtatane have you picked up on this: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-led-color-dmd-user-colorization-projects/page/3#post-6324528
  12. Picking apart the ball launch may be tricky. Your work so far nails it > 50% now. I was wrong on the C R letters on CRANE targets. I think it depends when the animation starts scrolling... and i dont know 100% if its always the same gun position for the C R A N E target positions. Cant wait for the next updates. Really wish the editing program could incorporate a basic fade function or copy paste, like basic powerpoint... or even pixlr.com
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