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  1. Thanks GeorgeH. I also noticed that change log entry about the plunger change, but I wasn't sure where to find an older version. Now that you've pointed me to one, I have something to experiment with at least. I started by copying the plunger from the older table to the current version (I'm using the PinEvent version), and saw the same behavior I mentioned with my earlier attempts. So presumably it is something about the current script that is getting in the way of the analog plunger behavior. I'll keep poking at it and report back if I have success.
  2. Some tables, such as F-14 Tomcat, use an AutoPlunger which launches the ball based on a button press. I'd like to know if there is a way to also support my analog plunger on these tables (in addition to the launch button). For that F-14 example, I tried adding a Plunger object to the table and it almost seems to work but not quite. I can launch the ball weakly (even if I set the plunger strength to max), but it only goes about halfway up the lane. Then if I try to launch again I get a weird delayed behavior. Maybe it's just the table's scripting not playing nicely with my added control. Is there a way to make this work, or is this a case of the two control types not being compatible? Maybe it's another of those things that I naively assume will be simple or have built-in support, only to find out that nobody else does the thing I'm trying to do. It keeps this hobby interesting I guess.
  3. Freezy is working well for me, but is it possible to show it "on top" of the FP window, basically overlaying it? I've got the unusual setup of a single screen portrait mode screen, so I've configured the playfield to fill my entire screen, and I'm trying to add the DMD somewhere (probably one side of the apron area). Freezy works but the "--virtual-stay-on-top" option does not make it display "over" the playfield. As long as FP has focus, it just hides the DMD. Is what I'm trying to do even possible? And if that won't work, I've also been trying to edit the tables to "move" the DMD from the backglass to the playfield by recreating it. This works, but there doesn't seem to be any way to resize it to fit it within the apron. Is there a way to size a DMD within the playfield area?
  4. I've got an arcade cabinet that runs on a PC, and I've added pinball to the gaming options. During this addition, I switched the monitor orientation to vertical (1200x1920) and added DOF solenoids. The screen is a bit close to vertical (tilted back maybe 15 degrees, still vertical enough that it helps to "virtually" tip the table image back further if possible, just so the physics don't feel totally wrong). For Pinball FX3 this works well using View 8 (as an aside: it's nearly criminal that they don't provide any way to force that view every time). But I'm fairly new to the VP world. My real question now is how to configure Future Pinball and Visual Pinball for this PC portrait environment. The "view 8" approach in FX3 seems to make sense: Show the entire table (tilted back a bit if possible), and then just enough upper cabinet to include the scoreboard DMD. But I don't know if that is a reasonable approach for FP/VPX. Or what configuration changes to make for any of this to occur. What configuration is recommended here? I'm new to world of pup/PinEvent/etc. I've done some searches but have so far found very little about how to configure a single portrait screen.
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