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  1. I've been using the website for a little over 4 years and I don't recall that ever happening Maybe @arngrim will Charm in with an answer but I believe you're probably going to have to put the info back in
  2. When you say your settings are gone and everything is blank What exactly are you referring to - post pictures maybe
  3. @JamieP Thank you for sharing this nice game and hopefully resources will come available Here is a updated Table script with working DOF for Solenoids For the BellRing I change it From 5 to 1 because the bell was trying to ring 5 times each time it was Activated Case 10 : PlaySound SoundFXDOF("chime1", 120, DOFPulse, DOFChimes) Case 100 : PlaySound SoundFXDOF("chime2", 121, DOFPulse, DOFChimes) Case 500 : Chime =2: BellRing = 1 : BellTimer.enabled = 1 Case 1000 : PlaySound SoundFXDOF("chime3", 122, DOFPulse, DOFChimes) Case 5000 : Chime =3: BellRing = 1 : BellTimer.enabled = 1 Stripping Funny (Inder 1974)_v0.3.txt.zip
  4. Thank you for the Nice Game I added some DOF to the Table Script Major League Warbler33_(PAMCO 1934) 0.37.txt.zip
  5. Will not work with Freezy Real DMD or LCD? If Real which one?
  6. I Like I Like @Goldchicco Here's an updated script I added DOF for the Bumpers and the Slingshot If the settings were already on the DOF website so no need to update that Joker Poker ( Goldchicco_Gottlieb 1978) 1.0.txt.zip
  7. Thanks for the nice game Here's an updated script with DOF for solenoids Argosy (Williams 1977) 1.3.txt.zip
  8. Thanks for the nice game Here's an updated script with DOF for solenoids Gay 90's hauntfreaks(Williams 1970) BD HF mod_1.0.1.txt.zip
  9. I just saw your post and looked at that again it would appear that when it hits the Slingshot or other items it moves away so fast that the ball rolling sound is coming through
  10. What a beautiful job done on the table One thing I noticed with the tables using the Fleep Sound Package even though I set DOF only in VP some of the sounds are still coming through Example in this game if the ball hits the Slingshot the amp indicates a sound was created or is that sound coming from something else
  11. Thanks I did not realize it was loading 2 Backglasses - I re-Uploaded with that line comment out
  12. Version 1.0.2


    THE GAME IS NOT INCLUDE This Backlasses is for the Spongebob game made by SkillShot only and will not work with other Spongebob games Included in the download is the backglass and the table script you will need ( The Backglass will not work right without the new Table Script) The table script also includes an update for DOF for solenoids you may have in your cab (Don't forget to update your DOF files) The game that works with this Download Looks like this
  13. Are you up to date - Try this Use the 2 links the creator has posted one for flex and one for freezy you may have to unregister and re register after updating flex
  14. At the top of this website Under Tutorials for info on number of Balls per game and Adjust volume https://www.vpforums.org/ PuP Pack Volume Control https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=pup_volume
  15. If so if you start the front end close it droppeds to desktop without taskbar. Or You start a game in the front end you exit the game instead of going back to the front end it just shows the desktop without a toolbar - Set your User Account Control to level 2 Then you will know if you have other Pinball Related Software set to run As Administrator - I wonder if VLC is crashing
  16. Try the latest info (Script) - https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=emulator_vpx#launch_script_default
  17. Only if your using a Real Pin2DMD otherwise use version 1.1
  18. Try commenting out this part of the table script If keycode = 46 Then' C Key stopSound "FlipBuzzLA" stopSound "FlipBuzzLB" stopSound "FlipBuzzLC" stopSound "FlipBuzzLD" stopSound "FlipBuzzRA" stopSound "FlipBuzzRB" stopSound "FlipBuzzRC" stopSound "FlipBuzzRD" If contball = 1 Then contball = 0 Else contball = 1 End If End If If keycode = 48 Then 'B Key If bcboost = 1 Then bcboost = bcboostmulti Else bcboost = 1 End If End If If keycode = 203 Then cLeft = 1' Left Arrow If keycode = 200 Then cUp = 1' Up Arrow If keycode = 208 Then cDown = 1' Down Arrow If keycode = 205 Then cRight = 1' Right Arrow If keycode = 52 Then Zup = 1' Period
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