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  1. It is best to use APNG Time to update https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=beta_releases
  2. DMDExt (freezy) and Future Pinball (real and virtual DMD support) <<<-- Top post Freezy 1.90 r26 dmdext-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT-r26-x86-Release.zip
  3. No all I did was install Everything like you normally would, Which it sounds like that's what you are doing
  4. I just downloaded it from here and everything work fine So pretty weird it's not working for you https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=15227
  5. Make sure your audio drivers are up-to-date
  6. Is there away to extract the script from a game without opening the game Answer https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=47027&p=480366
  7. Game works fine as long as I don't turn on UltraDMD then the game will not work
  8. Are you using the latest Freezy (X-86 ZIP) - https://ci.appveyor.com/project/freezy/dmd-extensions/build/job/eg6s6c8v1iwitv6q/artifacts
  9. Nice job on the game Thanks for sharing Does anybody have the left ball save kick back working I updated some of the DOF so now there's solenoids for the Slingshots and bumpers https://pastebin.com/Pi4GyZhQ
  10. What version of Freezy are you using in VPinMame
  11. Nice Job on the Game - Looks like it will be a fun game When I turn on UltraDMD I receive this error
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