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  1. @VPinWorkshop On the next Update could you change this to .PuPHide = 0 So the puppack will work
  2. Maybe something in will help https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=nvidia_settings&s[]=transparent
  3. I did send @marty02 a pm Hopefully he will have time to get back to me
  4. As a rule never have the backglass in the tables folder when using a puppack but I believe there are 3 games That used the backglass at the same time you run the puppack
  5. For the Sound Go to the editor at the top click table then sound manager pick the sound move it to the backglass if you make a mistake reverse it
  6. @digitalagent Try the 3 Screen setup Link from above
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