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  1. Coming along nicely. Further ahead of me lol, Real life sucks the time right out of you.
    one of my favorite scenes is them pulling away from the deck. Nicely done.
  2. Thanks for the nice update, lots of fun.
  3. great write up. thank you for taking the time to follow up. Aren't pocket holes great for many things . cant wait to try mine out smaller but hope it brings a smile too.
  4. Looking forward to your progress. I am in the slow build part of my cab. I got a motor almost like yours from Ebay. A tiny bit smaller, yours is around 110 cm over all, mine is around 97 cm. not sure of max rpm. but hey for $13 CDN can't complain. I made a few small metal brackets for mine, just need to get a PWM controller for it or make one from a Nano I have laying around. and do some testing. Love the DIY stuff. or in my case hack and hack again oops more putty too.
  5. Looking great. I can not wait to get mine to the same state yours in. I have spent to much time planning , I need to stat building. I have the wood cut guess I should build it and less bench testing it
  6. As someone newer to this hobby I think you are on the right track. There is no way as a free member someone should be able to download more then 10 downloads per day. "this is me at this right now" This Hobby is a Gift and labor of Love. What this hobby is and to ones Who made it, so many thanks. I will definitely be subscribing to some level.
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