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  1. Second that...looks awesome! File not found
  2. Really fun table! Thank you! Anyone getting coin sounds...but no coin when pressing flipper buttons after a game has ended? I can add coins no problem using my regular assigned coin button (3). My flippers work when in game and have coin sounds...I don't get coins but I get the sound. I didn't mess with any of the table sounds...and my buttons are mapped correctly. Any ideas? The flipper sounds play at the same time as the coin sounds during a game.
  3. JMB88


  4. This will be the first bagatelle table on my cab setup. Funny thing is I was very close to joking around and asking if there was a backglass for this...with everything going on in the pin community...I passed. Then I go and extract it and bam...B2S. Very cool! Thanks for this!
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