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  1. hi i have a white water real pinball machine, do you have colorization for it?


    and, or, for another real machines?

    1. Livier60


      good evening I would like to get the colorization for my white water pinball machine
      thank you

    2. SpaceGambler


      I would like to buy the real pinball colourisation files for White Water.
      I can't send you a message for some reason.
  2. I did some updates and also 4.1 is now supported. Please redownload!
  3. I'm super sorry you had to wait. I didn't see your messages. I'm still having terrible problems with this page, often not even loading for me. Please guys feel free to contact me on pinside with the same nickname or even facebook.
  4. So, since some people had the time to test what we have, are there any MAJOR bugs that I should get to work on? I don't play much myself lately, so this would be super helpful!
  5. Thank you very much. I would appreciate some reviews! I will probably not do more colorisations, but I want to get this work a bit better in the future. But I think it's very playable as it is.
  6. Everything you say is true, I could set more keyframes of a more generic one, yes. Haven't had any CPU problems on the real machine yet. But I converted some of the LCM scenes (not all) back. They simply worked better in the traditional way. While it is true that the delay function shouldn't be necessary...it just doesn't work as good in real life. Having the traditional single frame with a delay of 1500 seems to work cleaner as of now. Thanks for your efforts.
  7. Thanks for the nice words. This was something I tried to make clear: LCM has indeed a lot of potential. Thank you for the kind words.
  8. That's very very nice of you. Thank you. You are on virtual Pinball?
  9. I don't see how and where I was offended, but that's okay. Just wanted to make sure that people understand that there is a place for LCM outside of video modes.
  10. Instead of overthinking, why not try it instead for yourself? It's a tool That solves some problems but also introduces others. It's not like you can't use lcm's for everyday purposes and they will make the project so much cleaner. Just need to be aware of it's limitations depending on the scene. I'm also still learning... So take my word with a grain of salt
  11. As I already said: I was wrong to some degree. There is advantages but mostly disadvantages to LCM. You might end up setting just as many keyframes as with singleframes depending on the scene. Pictures show the same scene but with two different Masks (0 and 1) used for different states of the scene. The whole scene contains 23 frames triggered by one keyframe. The scene is highly dynamic as the boulder value changes and the amount of shots for boulder bash. Could I have done it with even just one mask inside the LCM? No, because there is frames with no fonts at all, just animation, then first the boulder value which is increased by hits on the bumpers and then the amount of remaining shots for boulder bash, which actually will show up once the bumpers haven't been activated for a specific amount of time. So: 1 keyframe to trigger the LCM lcm contains 28 frames triggering the 28 frames uses only 2 masks out of ten available for LCM scenes. SO why do I say that LCM's are not advisable? For one, they need a keyframe to be triggered, that's not a problem but if you need to trigger a specific frame, you will have to set another keyframe for that aswell. In the case of man over board, that's a huge problem. The scene contains 94 frames. Now if the scene is interrupted by another, the next frame from the man over board scene will most likeley not be the starting keyframe for the LCM, resulting in a non colored scene. Checking that via live preview only ever works by first triggering the starting keyframe for the LCM. Without going to that one first, you'll end up with no colors. Also, the delay for LCM scenes is not adjustable. Although LCM is supposed to basically "overwrite" transitionframes (usually 24ms), it doesn't seem to work for me very well. Using single frames and setting the delay to 1500 has been solving many issues for me, although of course not all of them. If there is any other questions
  12. Nope. I really don't know what I could show and I'm getting more and more to the point of not advising to use layered color mask. I like that it will keep your project very clean and for video modes it's absolutely necessary. Besides that it gave me more trouble in the end.
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