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  1. Was there any mods to the rom to support this table? What happens or what would I be losing out on if I chose to use the english rom?
    After seeing how good Batman 66 was, I had to go back and see what else the talented hands of daphishbowl touched. This table does not disappoint. It is amazing
    This table is absolutely amazing. Kudos to Daphishbowl and the entire team.
  2. So this method works for me!! Thanks for excellent altcolor pack @malenko btw!!! Has anyone tried to see if this works with any of the 1.9 beta builds
  3. baldgeek


  4. Same here! I'm definitely doing it either before or immediately after coffee!!!
  5. would love to try out what you released so far as well
  6. Awesome Table!! Thanks for your work TerryRed!
    Another fantastic PinEvent Table!! Great work TerryRed!
    Great job Terry! Amazing table. It's also really fun to just watch Vader dance for a bit in between games!
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