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  1. Nice table! Bringing some sunhine in this wet summer. Thanks!!
  2. This one has got quite some playing time already... Thanks!
  3. Thanks Wildman & Sheltemke for this update. Good reason to fire this table up again. Agree with Thalamus that these random awards are influencing the scores a lot... Sometimes frustrating when playing with a friend
  4. Thanks, perfect collaboration!
  5. In my W7 set up the Altsound functionality started to work when I changed the foldername from altsound to Altsound (with a capital).
  6. Back to the VHS-era . Looks really great. Thanks Watacaractr!
  7. Thanks VPW team!🤩 Lovely table from the era Uber didn't exist. Going to get Gorby a ride!
  8. You just made my favourite table more favourite! 🤩 Thanks!
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