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  1. Thanks g5k, Sliderpoint and 3rdAxis! The current version already brought a lot of joy. Eager to try this updated one
  2. Reading the details, looks like some nice improvements. Thanks!
  3. Minions is still one of the favs of my girls. Looking forward trying this V3!!! Thanks
  4. Preview looks good! Thanks SG1bsoN for your nice mods
  5. Thanks for the re-posting!! Had already a lot of fun with this one. Thanks
  6. Definitely also my choice. Currently having my homebrew low-res version with this image as the Stern backglass is horrible indeed... So thanks Hirez00 for these!!
  7. Yes equalized both tables again! DL'ing it now. Thanks Wildman
  8. Another quality backglass! Gracias
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