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  1. SO i updated again, should now work proberly on vPin´s--- i hope :D. Please test and report me if an error appears. Regards Sascha
  2. I will this fix in my next update... Do you both mean the animation when u hit the asylum? Regards Sascha
  3. Just send me an message and show me what don´t work. Regards Sascha
  4. Updated the file, due to some reported problems.
  5. I uploaded it right now, so you can test. As soon it is aproved Regards Sascha
  6. Version 1.1


    Welcome to my home! So i work a lot the last days and now it is playable i think. I have to fine tune some scenes, but it is fun to play already. Please test and report me any error which appears. ROM: L1 If you want to donate :): https://paypal.me/redrum2291 Regards Sascha Changelog: Version 1.1 Some small colour changes and it should now work proberly on a vpin table. I know one scene from the coffin ramp is not colorized. Please test and report if there are some error
  7. In two or three weeks it will be ready. Don´t know if it works on a vpin table because i always test it on a real pin but i think it will also work. ROM Version - L1.
  8. Hello, i started my second project. Hope i will publish it soon. Regrds Sascha
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