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  1. Watched it, loved it, didn’t understand a bloody word of it. But of course I can’t wait for its release. Your skills seem unlimited in creating an amazing step up in Pinball animation/ realism. If Pinball has a cutting edge, then this is it, a huge step towards immersing the player within a storyline that has a beginning, middle and end. Well done Terry, classic.
  2. Terry, Bloody brilliant mate. A lot of hard work I’m sure, a different level of Pinball by far. I hope everyone appreciates your contribution as we are the benefactors of your brilliance, I actually think someone the other day commented-“ are you even human” Take that as a compliment, I’m fairly new to VP but am learning more each day, G’Day from Australia. Stay safe and healthy. Trevor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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