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  1. Love this table, thanks! Recently I received an script error "Set wshShell = Nothing", could you help me please?
  2. OK. I did it a couple of weeks ago so I guess that was registered. Thanks.
  3. Hi. I can´t find the link where to report a problem with 3D stereo. There is no "issues" option at https://github.com/vpinball/vpinball . Could you help me please?
  4. Do you mean here? https://github.com/vpinball/vpinball But there is no Issues link to do that...
  5. Thanks. Where I should report bugs ?
  6. Thanks but there is no previous version that v10.7.0-127-c9c069f.
  7. Thanks. Where I can found a specified release? I'm looking the binary version of the 10.7.0 revision 100
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