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  1. i got a small tilt bob, i make sure it's center and it works if i nudge too much in vpx. i am still learning how to nudge during the game play, right now i mostly to use the save the ball from out lane, about 1 in 10(ok maybe 1 in 20) i can save it. lol i guess more practice is needed.
  2. are they all the same? paradise arcade is local to me they carry rollie leaf switch.
  3. PC spec: ryzen 2600x aorus B450 M 16G 3200 ram 1tb M.2 GTX 1070 (upgrade from the picture RX 570) 32" 4k Playfield 23" 1080P back glass 14.9" monitor as DMD. sound system 4 exciters(DAEX25) 2 180w speakers facing the back(i added those thought the front facing speakers might not do the job, i was wrong, i dont need them at all) 2 5w speakers facing the player. 1 600w subwoofer.
  4. ooh, i will look into replacement them. i have to order a couple to see if they can fit. i have zero pinball experience, i didnt know you can do the trapped ball and still play the upper flipper thing. i have a small tile bob not the full size but it will do the job i think. lol
  5. i 3d printed as much as i can on this build, since that give me flexibility to make adjustment as needed compare to buy them. fan grills speaker covers leg protector kl25z holder mounting brackets potentiometer holder
  6. yeah those are flippers. i am tight on space so i decide to go with arcade buttons instead. i dont know what's the different between using the long leaf vs standard arcade button. is there an advantage from one to the other?
  7. I came from the reef hobby side, so i ordered a starphire tempered glass to get extra clarity.
  8. all monitors fits, thank god lol. after the sound test, apparently i need 3 ground isolators. preparing the kl25z.
  9. Time to throw everything togather.
  10. Day 5-6 just the boring part, paint the cab and watch the print dry. test the legs with 3d printed leg protectors
  11. day 4 no 6' rule here lol test fit all the buttons. more 3d printed part.
  12. day 3 moving forward, i decide to upgrade the psu to modular and use the non-modular one to power the ssf system. test fit the pc, cutting it close. i 3d printed some bracket to mount the pc in place.
  13. Finally, Minnesota have a few warm days i can jump start my cab. day 1-2 as inexperience to pinball, i bought a large coin door. i didnt think it through as how big that door is in relative to my cab. so force to offset the door and place all my buttons and plungers on the same side. i use the dimension from a friend from facebook group as start and modify them as needed.
  14. Since i am doing a 3/4 size cab, I dont want to order a custom lockdown bar, just in case it didnt work out, so i found a thread on vpforums and got a stl file from thingiverse. a crap ton of sanding again. i think i did 8 coats of filler primer with more sanding in between coat. 5 coats of black chrome 3 coats of clear not perfect, but it will do the job. total cost around $25 (not counting the time)
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