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    This table is nothing short of amazing. Every little detail is just as I know it from the real machine. Really unbelievable what can be done. This is also a very good showcase of how good VPX has become so kudos to those developers also. Call-outs, video, rules, lighting you name it, it is all there and feels like the real thing. DOF is also great, lost the ball already some times just by looking what the matrix is showing lol. Also very interested in VPX multiplayer (??) Thanks again for your hard work, it is very much appreciated !! edit: love the fact that there is a different card on the apron after every start, so nice !
  1. Thank you so much ! Amazing what you guys/galls can accomplish !!
  2. for anyone struggling with this, the missing link to geting the correct colors is to rename the DIFF file to PIN2DMD.DIFF and copy it in the VPINMAME\altcolors\potc_600af folder. In that folder should now be two files, pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.diff That solved it for me. Thanks to user bietekwiet on vpinball site for giving the instruction over there. https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/pirates-of-the-caribbean-puppack/page/5/#post-206644
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