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  2. The rollie leafswitch from Paradise Arcade would do the trick to turn your button into a leafswitch button. If you are tight on space- Ultimarc has these. I use the RGB variant in my cabinet and these feel very good. The other buttons (start, exit etc.) are regular arcade buttons. The thing with the leaf switches is that they don't "click" as arcade buttons do- and therefore feel different. Note that the Paradise Arcade and Ultimarc buttons do not support that dual leaf technique Thalamus is referring to. I think you will need a special dual-leaf contact for that
  3. I found the potentiometer setup very straightforward (followed Mjr's guide). One thing: Don't worry about orientation of the potentiometer- the Pinscape calibration allows you to reverse the orientation in software (I worried about this when I installed mine and realised I wired different than I did on my test rig).
  4. I made the lockbar out of a piece of MDF- rounded the edges and grooved it so it fits tight on my cabinet. The shape works well and I'm happy how it turned out. To finish it off I painted the lockbar in a clean black finish. The paint I used is an acryllic lacquer, several coats- sanding between each coat of paint. However after a few weeks, my hand palms seem to "stick" more on the surface and the paint starts to show "crackle" where my hands touch the surface. Anyone have a similar experience? What paint is commonly used for this (should I use a type of varnish?)
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