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  1. Looks awesome For essentials, I was going to say for me it was adding plunger, analog nudge and a tilt bob. But it looks like you have that covered with the virtuapin kit. I just went the cheap way and did it myself with pinscape and a £15 KL25z Hope you get as much fun out of it as I have
  2. This was also one of the first tasks I tried with VPX code I'd start with one of the EM tables where you like the look of the postit or score tape as there are several different scripts about. Some simpler than others. In the script the postit code is normally pretty well commented so should be easy for you to spot. Other than that it is mostly a copy paste task from one table to another. It gets a little more complicated for ROM based games as you have to decode the score from the LEDs but there are examples in a few tables that again can be copy / pasted
  3. DMD info also gets saved to the registry for vpinmame in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\<ROM_name> As usual with doing anything to your registry BACKUP FIRST and modify at your own risk. But deleting the key for afm_113b should reset anything that has been messed up and will be recreated the next time you run the table
  4. Yeah I get that too, I tried clearing cookies etc to see if I had something stuck as it never "remembers me" and I have to log in each time but it was the same. The error message after login is a 404 to "https://vpuniverse.com/?_fromLogin=1"
  5. JamieP


    Nice update Still not learned the rules for this one yet, definitely needs some more play time from me
    Lovely EM table, can't wait for the updates you mentioned
  6. I have a MAME cocktail cab, but not really looked at driving games
  7. Love it!!! 🤣 This is what a community should be
  8. Awesome, I was looking for this table last week (Inspired by Joes Classic Video Games on YouTube)
  9. Again space limited my choices with a tilt bob...so I made my own, it works but it think needs a little adjustment next time I'm inside. I guess that is the comprimise with a 3/4 cab
  10. @ThalamusThanks I probably need a b2s update, will have a check what version I have. I was also trying to swap my flippers over to leaf switches at the same time as you have suggested to many. But I'm sooooo tight on space around the flipper and magnasave buttons I had to stay with the chinese arcade buttons ...for now. The good news is the old buttons are really light and don't feel a huge difference, just wonder how long they'll last
  11. aha, think I found it B2STableSettings.xml got updated and removed <FormToFront>1</FormToFront> from my config
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