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  1. It's true, I wasn't really aware of this simple solution 😉 Building my cab now for nine months and still learning! Thank you!
  2. For all Yesterdayers who want to know how to do this (in Popper frontend): 1.) Use Game Manager and set a custom var for Batman66, e.g. "CUSTOMDMD" 2.) Edit your launch script for VPX and add the folowing: if "[custom1]"=="CUSTOMDMD" ( cd /d "C:\PinUPSystem\POPMedia\Visual Pinball X\DMD" start /min "" "dmdext.exe" play -f "[GAMENAME].png" -d pin2dmd ) 3.) Edit your close script for VPX and add the following: if "[custom1]"=="CUSTOMDMD" (taskkill /f /im "dmdext.exe") If everything works fine then your DMD image from Popper's Media Manager will be shown during the game! Notes: I'm using a pin2dmd and freezy in the above example...
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