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  1. oh my fracking god! did not expect that thank you so much for your amazing work on this table!
  2. just discovered that I had the same problem. every game I try the DMD is normal, but colors are split like OPs picture in Pinup popper. Going back to pin2dmd firmware V3.20 as 64colors doesn't work yet anyways (well it does if I use Lucky1 dmddevice, but then a lot of 16color dmd are all crazy colored, so we need to wait until the devs have time to update Freezy dmddevice - and I say that with all respect to their time/priorities!)
  3. Hi, I have a bit of a problem and I don't know how to fix it. It all started after upgrading my Pin2DMD to firmware 4.24. when I start pinup popper, I get an error message saying "Communication error ! Check cabeling and firmware version !" the program giving that error is PUPDMDControl.exe (when I look at the task manager) starting tables directly from VPX (10.6) it everything works fine. 1. I renamed freezy dmddevice.dll(version 1.9) to dmdscreen.dll and disabled the pin2dmd in the config (as described by lucky1) 2. I am using lucky1's dmddevice.dll and dmddevice64.dll pinup popper is the newest version 1.4.6 the problem is both As I said, everything is working fine if I dont use pinup popper (64 color colorisation roms, tables that use pup packs). and if I rename the freezy dmdscreen.dll back to dmddevice.dll again, it works again (but then 64 color colorisation roms won't work of cause) Am I doing something wrong? or is there a compatibility problem between pinup popper and lucky1 dmddevice.dll ? /Rod
  4. im still not having any luck getting the correct colors on this using pin2dmd v.17 and every other colorisation works fine.
  5. I am having some problems with the Pup pack. I have a Real DMD but the dmd graphics are unusable on that (not your fault, real dmd just aren't ment for gfx ) so I want to disable the real dmd and just use the backglass for everything, but no matter what I try, I can't get the dmd to show on the backglass. So I set the PuPDMDDriverType=0 and I used the "Option 2 - DND on BG.bat" all other pup packs I use work, so im pretty sure its something else. and a side note - you might want to delete all the goonies stuff from your pup pack
  6. I am having a slight problem I am running the VPX 10.7 beta from a subdir, so it automatically tries to play the music from "visual pinball/vpx 10.7 beta/music" which of cause is not where it is Is there any way to force it to play the music from a specific folder? /rod
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