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  1. HI All, I have recently played AFM Remake and really loved the reworked larger screen, I was wondering if it was possible to output a higher resolution image so more detail could be added to the display. I understand this would require redrawing every image with more detail, I just wanted to know if this was something that maybe worth looking into some more.
  2. Im running @Endprodukt colorization on my white water and yes it does have a couple of small bugs over all it runs really well. You need to remember that these colorizations are done by the community as community projects, while they do ask for small donations it no where near covers the time they have spent on the project. Thank you to all the community members that have put in the large number of hours on these projects!!
  3. So sorry to hear that slippifishi, thank you for all the time you have committed to the community.
  4. Really keen to donate to get a copy for real pin, have messaged @slippifishi but no reply if anyone can help that would be great.
    Works really well on real pin, Sascha made some minor updates after some testing and very happy with it!
  5. Wow I has this on my list to look into, thanks heaps Redrum for doing this. Now to get a new backing glass for my Dracula :D
  6. Thanks Kharlor, I hopefully have a machine coming this week. Once it arrives I will work out how to do the record
  7. I was wondering if anyone had started doing BSD and if not was there a reason why?
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