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  1. Really keen to donate to get a copy for real pin, have messaged @slippifishi but no reply if anyone can help that would be great.
    Works really well on real pin, Sascha made some minor updates after some testing and very happy with it!
  2. Wow I has this on my list to look into, thanks heaps Redrum for doing this. Now to get a new backing glass for my Dracula :D
  3. Thanks Kharlor, I hopefully have a machine coming this week. Once it arrives I will work out how to do the record
  4. I was wondering if anyone had started doing BSD and if not was there a reason why?
  5. Thanks again for the update, its working really well
  6. Reseated the panel same issue, placed panel into another EVO board works correctly, so back to bad EVO.
  7. The color on the top half of the screen is off. The white text is pink is this a power issue?
  8. Oh my goodness we have life!!! Thank you so much
  9. I have just done the update via the DfuSeDemo app and power cycled, still nothing on the display Opened DfuSeDemo Powered Evo Board Plugged into PC Pressed Dfu and Reset, let go of Rest then Dfu Device listed in DfuSe app Clicked on Choose.. in Upgrade or Verify Action Selected File PIN2DMD.dfu Clicked Upgrade Waiting for it to complete Clicked Leave DFU mode Power cycled Evo board
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