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  1. Hi MajorFrenchy, seems your youtube channel link is broken in your post?
  2. I just can't beleive how beautiful that jurassic park table looks on github. It's like i'm looking at a pixar image.
  3. I love how all the big brains are combining to form one huge superbrain Having this on Github as a community driven project, can only mean great things and when all the other big brains catch wind... the brain will grow even larger. Also how is the Multithreading going to be handled? as with all the multicore cpu's coming out now(or the last 15 years) does unity handle all that out of the box? More cores = better performance? or 1 core mainly? Been watching with interest for ages now
  4. As a normal fan and new to the whole world of VPX, I really hate when there are multiple versions of the same table. It causes so much confusion on which version to download. I don't think mods should be allowed at all to reside anywhere near official creations, Table updates with approval by the Authors YES, mods NO Just look at sites like Nexus Mods, it's a cesspool of confusion and it just fragments the whole game. Sites should not allow Mods of tables full stop. Keep them separate on a separate website away from the database of released tables. I'm sorry to all the modders, but you are just causing confusion and fragmentation for a few extra lightning effects and some new textures.
  5. Hi i bought a Teensy4.0 thinking it would be anm upgrade over the Teensy3.2 ( silly me, this has caused a problem) I managed to compile code from github - from this dude has tried to submit a pull reqeust to support teensy4.0 Link here: https://github.com/D...ntroller/pull/7 He updated the software to work on teensy4.0 - i compiled and installed fine. When i restart the Teensy it goes through about 8 colours on the leds, then the teensy starts blinking like it's listening for commands. (seems ok) Only problem is i cannot get DOF to see the teensy. My pc is windows 10 - and under device manager it shows USB Serial Device (COM4) which is the Teensy. I have downloaded the DOF config with 2 leds, and a pinscape. ports 1-3 is strip1, and ports 4-6 is strip2. But, I'm getting this error in my DOF logs: 2020.10.12 00:17:40.475 DirectOutput Logger initialized 2020.10.12 00:17:40.476 DirectOutput Version 0.8.5307.1702 as of 2014.07.13 00:56 2020.10.12 00:17:40.476 Global config loaded from: K:\DIRECTOUTPUT\config\GlobalConfig_B2SServer.xml 2020.10.12 00:17:40.476 Loading Pinball parts 2020.10.12 00:17:40.476 Loading cabinet 2020.10.12 00:17:40.477 Will load cabinet config file: K:\DirectOutput\Config\Cabinet.xml 2020.10.12 00:17:40.543 Warning: Output controller type TeensyStripController not found during deserialization of data. 2020.10.12 00:17:40.573 0 output controller defnitions and 3 toy definitions loaded from cabinet config. 2020.10.12 00:17:40.573 Cabinet config file has AutoConfig feature enabled. Calling AutoConfig. 2020.10.12 00:17:40.574 Cabinet auto configuration started 2020.10.12 00:17:40.648 Cabinet auto configuration finished 2020.10.12 00:17:40.648 Autoconfig complete. 2020.10.12 00:17:40.648 Cabinet config loaded successfully from K:\DirectOutput\Config\Cabinet.xml 2020.10.12 00:17:40.648 Cabinet loaded 2020.10.12 00:17:40.648 Loading table config 2020.10.12 00:17:40.649 Warning: No table config file found. Will try to load config from LedControl file(s). 2020.10.12 00:17:40.649 Will try to load configs from DirectOutput.ini or LedControl.ini file(s) for RomName mm_109c 2020.10.12 00:17:40.651 Loading LedControl file K:\DIRECTOUTPUT\config\directoutputconfig30.ini 2020.10.12 00:17:40.709 EXCEPTION: Table with ShortRomName Galaxie_1971 has already been loaded (Exists more than once in ledcontrol file). 2020.10.12 00:17:40.709 EXCEPTION: Thread: 2020.10.12 00:17:40.711 EXCEPTION: Table with ShortRomName Big_Shot_1974 has already been loaded (Exists more than once in ledcontrol file). 2020.10.12 00:17:40.711 EXCEPTION: Thread: 2020.10.12 00:17:40.744 EXCEPTION: Table with ShortRomName SpotPool_1976 has already been loaded (Exists more than once in ledcontrol file). 2020.10.12 00:17:40.744 EXCEPTION: Thread: 2020.10.12 00:17:40.769 1 directoutputconfig.ini or ledcontrol.ini files loaded. 2020.10.12 00:17:40.770 Config for RomName mm_109c exists in LedControl data. Updating cabinet and config. 2020.10.12 00:17:40.791 Table config loading finished 2020.10.12 00:17:40.791 Pinball parts loaded 2020.10.12 00:17:40.791 Starting processes 2020.10.12 00:17:40.792 Initializing cabinet 2020.10.12 00:17:40.795 Cabinet initialized 2020.10.12 00:17:40.797 Framework initialized. 2020.10.12 00:17:40.797 Have fun! Here's my cabinet.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!-- This config file will set up two addressable LED strips orange on the right and blue on the left. Each is 53 long and have the distal LED as the first in the array --> <Cabinet xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/20...chema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <Name>MultiBall</Name> Cabinet Name <OutputControllers> <TeensyStripController> <Name>TeensyStripController</Name> <NumberOfLedsStrip1>144</NumberOfLedsStrip1> Number of LEDs on the right playfield <NumberOfLedsStrip2>144</NumberOfLedsStrip2> Number of LEDs on the left playfield <NumberOfLedsStrip3>0</NumberOfLedsStrip3> <NumberOfLedsStrip4>0</NumberOfLedsStrip4> <NumberOfLedsStrip5>0</NumberOfLedsStrip5> <NumberOfLedsStrip6>0</NumberOfLedsStrip6> <NumberOfLedsStrip7>0</NumberOfLedsStrip7> <NumberOfLedsStrip8>0</NumberOfLedsStrip8> <ComPortName>COM4</ComPortName> You must look in device manager to see what port Windows assigned for the Teensy USB connection. </TeensyStripController> </OutputControllers> <Toys> <LedStrip> <Name>PF Right</Name> This is the name that I gave the right playfield strip <Width>1</Width> These strips run as one long string as far as the Teensy board is concerned. If you set the width to anything other than 1 it will give you funny results like the entire strip being LED 1 <Height>144</Height> This is the length of the right playfield LED array <LedStripArrangement>TopDownLeftRight</LedStripArrangement> There are several choices that can be used here like BottomUpLeftRight. This determines the order of LEDs that the Teensy sends out on its signal path. If you use TopDown then the furthest LED from the connecting wires will be the first one in the segnal pathway. I needed this because I wanted my Teensy Board in the back of the machine by the power supplies to make the shorted wiring runs. <ColorOrder>GRB</ColorOrder> You must choose GRB not RBG with these strips to get them to correctly display the colors sent to them <FirstLedNumber>1</FirstLedNumber> This is the first strip so it starts with LED 1 <FadingCurveName>SwissLizardsLedCurve</FadingCurveName> I didn't play with this setting so I can't tell you what this does but I suspect that this sets the protocol that DOF uses for lighting the strips. <OutputControllerName>TeensyStripController</OutputControllerName> </LedStrip> <LedStrip> <Name>PF Left</Name> This strip is set up just like the other with exceptions in bold <Width>1</Width> <Height>144</Height> <LedStripArrangement>TopDownLeftRight</LedStripArrangement> <ColorOrder>GRB</ColorOrder> <FirstLedNumber>1</FirstLedNumber> Since this is the second strip its first LED is the next one after the last LED on the other strip so since my strips are 53 LEDs long it is LED 54. <FadingCurveName>SwissLizardsLedCurve</FadingCurveName> <OutputControllerName>TeensyStripController</OutputControllerName> </LedStrip> <LedWizEquivalent> <Name>LedWizEquivalent 30</Name> This is the number assigned to the WS2811 controller by the online DOF config tool <Outputs> <LedWizEquivalentOutput> <OutputName>PF Right</OutputName> Name as defined above <LedWizEquivalentOutputNumber>1</LedWizEquivalentOutputNumber> This is the port number of the first set of combos set up In the online DOF Config tool so it is port 1 </LedWizEquivalentOutput> <LedWizEquivalentOutput> <OutputName>PF Left</OutputName> Name as defined above <LedWizEquivalentOutputNumber>4</LedWizEquivalentOutputNumber> This is the port number of the second set of combos set up in the online DOF config tool so it is port 4 </LedWizEquivalentOutput> </Outputs> <LedWizNumber>30</LedWizNumber> </LedWizEquivalent> </Toys> <AutoConfigEnabled>true</AutoConfigEnabled> This needs to be set to true to work </Cabinet> Thanks.
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