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  1. can someone please tell me how to export to .fsq? I can't find anything in the menus. I have no experience with this editor... Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! I would like to make my own boot animation, like the one in the example boot.fsq. I’ve never heard of that file extension. Can someone point me in the right direction where to find more info on PIN2DMD boot animations? thanks!
  3. Hi there! I fixed it by downgrading to firmware version 3.20 on my PIN2DMD. Haven’t tried the lastest versions though.
  4. Hi! Is this a new pup pack or a reupload because of vpinball shutdown? Thanks!
  5. The rgb sequence looks good. It works on VPX tables and FX3 tables. The last picture shows the lcd version of the popper logo, which looks ok. I run firmware version 4.something on PIN2DMD. Any ideas?
  6. Hi guys! I’m setting up my pinup popper right now. I have a little issue with my PIN2DMD. Look at the pictures. The colors are off, the lower part looks blue and what is supposed to be black is not. On VPX tables everything looks good, but on Stranger things I have the same issue. Haven’t tried other UltraDMD tables. On FX3 everything is fine although. I use FlexDMD and Freezy 1.8 Any ideas what I’m missing? Help is much appreciated!
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