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  1. Makes total sense now, and totally reasonable. I'm a newbie here so not really familiar with different authors. Didn't even think to ask on here directly. I guess there is really only one obvious solution, we need a gofundme to set up @knorr in a non-extradition country of his choosing 😜
  2. Definitely not questioning the amount of effort required for stuff people release, unfortunately there is also the reality that in most cases it's not something they own. Once something is out on the internet, you no longer control it. If they can't accept that then they're just gonna make themselves miserable. Hopefully the folks seeking that can look at options to work with companies like AtGames now that there are commercial options out there for wider audiences.
  3. If people want to stop guys from selling the work they make freely available, the best way is to make it easier to get for free. There is a reason the guys selling packs are so successful the current way kinda sucks. If anything, they should be welcoming the guys that make the free compilation packs that go out of their way to include attribution for each of the tables. This likely will prevent someone from going and paying for a pack somewhere else. Figure out better ways to make the content available or at least be open to it.
  4. I don't understand that part of the community. Feels like a github style open source model would make more sense where people find something, create a branch of it and add their own thing, while you can still see the link to the original. I modified a bunch of older VR releases to make them work with backglass and PuP but no one else can benefit. Tried asking on the forum for a table once how it works, if I can just upload, etc but never got a response to just dropped it and kept to myself.
  5. Yeah, that's just silly. If it's a table they created themselves then sure, but these are recreations of other IP. I hope this site will allow someone else to re-upload them under like a legacy author name. Just encourages people to get the big compilation packs if it's always such drama about where you can find files.
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