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  1. That looks like it has a lot of potential... Glad they ignored the films and went with the cartoon style, should be more timeless. Hope it plays well. Been seeing more out in the wild recently (pinball) so hopefully I'll atualyl get to play it in the wild..
  2. Wow... I had those games on the Amiga! How does the resolution scale given they cant have been more than 320 x 720 max?
  3. ah, I'm afraid I've not come across that issue. Sorry
  4. You can move the location of the DMD in SW in VPX. open in editor, right click the DMD and "unlock" then you can move it to the backglass....
  5. LegoYoda


    ...the castors on the legs.... Nice touch!
  6. Are your buttons running through a keyboard encoder? like an iPAC or are you using an arcade controller "thing". So, as an example, I have standard arcade Buttons wired to a keyboard encoder (iPAC2) so it's just a series of daisy chained GND wires to 1 terminal per button and 1 from the other terminal per button to the relevent port on the encoder. This just acts as a keyboard in Windows/VPX so i just have keyboard mappings... If you are using an Xbox controller it's different and you map the buttons to "joyButton1... etc" One issue I ran in to was when running a front end (Pinball X) where It's button mappings overwrote the VPX button config everytime I started a table... if you're just running from VPX at this time that's not an issue... Can you map the buttons specifically in VPX? (from the menu, the defaults are different between PFX and VPX)
  7. This is one of the most helpful guides out there. It's brilliant. Pinscape Build Guide Chapter 16 has a lot of information on setting up the SW side of things. But it **IS** spagetti. Look up Terry Red and Major Frenchie on Youtube and check out the sections on DOF / DOFLINX etc when yuo want to go further with lights and toys..... etc... I managed to get a prety good setup going by reading the linked guide and jumping off to individual SW components as an when that guide mentioned them. TIP: Start simple... Get tables running and looking how you want.. then mess with Backglasses, DMDs, lights feedback etc. and always backup your config!
  8. Depends where you are.... GermanGamingSupplies sell pre made kits but, as I found out a few months ago.... they no longer ship to the UK due to the VAT rule changes after Brexit. If you're in most of the rest of the world though I can recomend them I bought from them before prior to the changes and they were good.
  9. Currently (physically) rebuilding my pincab to correct all the mistakes an omissions from my first attempt so cant test out V 2 but THANK YOU for making this. Memories flooding back. Like that it seems to work for the "ultra" edition of Timeshock!
  10. Really, Really awesome of you to do this.... I now need to go dig out the CD ROMs from .... somewhere (or just buy them on GoG).
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