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  1. Well frankly if he agreed that people were abusing his content then I see why he pulled it. It's just that he was so active, I find it hard to believe he would just quit or change his mind on everything so quickly. I just hope his plan is to still share things in a quieter way - the 'g5k distribution model'?
  2. Who is this hip new contributor?! Jk- so glad to see you're not leaving the hobby Bord
  3. Very Sad news indeed, I just think it is strange timing, after putting out Starship Troopers which obviously took so much effort and time, I really wonder what made him want to pull everything so shortly after.. If knorr ever reads this - really sorry to see you go! I can hardly imagine my cab without red and Ted's, South park, cirqus Voltaire... I suppose I should uninstall them now out of solidarity but.. I don't think I'm strong enough
    That was a nail biter of two weeks - glad to see you reposting this Bord such a beautiful table, thanks to everyone involved also!
    Love this table, Party on! I personally have my fingers crossed that you make your arr updates to the newer vpw radical table though
    As a cab user, this version looks and plays much better than the unmodded version imo , really enjoying it. Thanks so much guys!
    Just the best - the 3d and gameplay are both top knotch. Huge appreciation to the authors for this piece of art!
    Oh yes, lighting, gameplay all so amazing. Thanks vpw!
    Incredible table. This is in my regular plays, thanks guys!
  4. Awesome build quality and a fun table to play - the only issue is when you go to enter your initials in the high scores the flippers won't change the letter and you can only enter AAA.
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