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    One of the absolutebest-of-VPX I think! Thanks for this amazing mods guys!
    Wow! The wall reflections are so cool! Another 5 star table guys, thank you so much!
    Classic table, and looking so good!
  1. Beautiful table! Am I reading this is updated from the vpb version?
  2. Thanks for another one of your solid gold masterpieces borgdog! Love this one
    Oh yeah, this is a real beauty. And after a weird month I just have to say its really awesome to see VPW still alive and well and working their magic!
    Amazing amazing game Borgdog - really a piece of art! To any other simple minded 90s kids out there - I would highly recommend adding some 8 bit star wars theme music for maximum member berries https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bMyFCfklj18
    This looks like some pinball magic. I can practically hear the buzz off of those warm electric bulbs thank you!
  3. Does it turn on for $100?! Pretty awesome find. Looks like a crazy game -
    Such a beautiful table, love having this one on the cab. Thanks Dog!
    One of my favourite movies, now a great vpx adaptation. This table is hours of fun, especially with the pup pack
  4. This is all makes a little more sense - the world was a strange place for two days when I thought Knorr had inexplicably 'quit the hobby'? 'in protest'?! Im glad to at least know that there were other forces at work here. thanks also for this solid gold tip... off to Amazon to buy a 'beginner's guide to visual basic scripting' https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07YQ8BVPZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_3VV5AZS26MG4EYVRYBKS -whistle-
  5. Well frankly if he agreed that people were abusing his content then I see why he pulled it. It's just that he was so active, I find it hard to believe he would just quit or change his mind on everything so quickly. I just hope his plan is to still share things in a quieter way - the 'g5k distribution model'?
  6. Who is this hip new contributor?! Jk- so glad to see you're not leaving the hobby Bord
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