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  1. Thanks Lucky, Do you have CPL files for the 128x32 available. Looking at different manufacturers, some prefer a CPL file in xls, xlsx, csv format. Cheers
  2. thanks Lucky, so for example this chip would work STM32F427VGT6TR Cheers Scott
  3. Hi Lucky, The current price to build the 128x32 Pin2DMDs has gone through the roof, largely due to the increase in component price of the STM32F427VIT6 due to a stock shortage. Just wondering if there are alternative models in the same family that would work, so I can see if they can replace the STM32F427VIT6 to a cheaper alternative. Many thanks
  4. Hi Lucky, Can you please advise how I can change the manufacturing files so that I can put a molex connector (like on the 5v side) on the 12v pin strip for the pin2dmd 128x32? Many thanks
  5. Hi Lucky1, I had exactly the same issue with one of my boards. The screens would only fire up every third time or so that power was turned on (i would do this in 10 second successions). once the screen turned on there was no issues. I could manually start the screen by pressing the reset button. Tried 3.18 but unfortunately that made no difference. Any further ideas? Many thanks
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