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  1. Hi Thanks, Great table. I noticed that this version does not use the SSF surround sound playback functions (playsoundat etc.) It would be great to have this added to this VR version. Thanks
  2. Hi, I tried this table yesterday. None of the insert however light up... All the rest seems to work fine in VR, but I don't see any insert light blinking. I don't have problems with other tables. Any idea?
  3. It is a very small sized screenshot. I think it has something to do with the room lamp. When it is on or flashing the brightness of the dmd is changed as well. Fully lit room has also a brighter dmd display. But during gameplay most of the time the room is not lit and the dmd is very dark for me...
  4. Thanks Arvid. Great table. I find that the dmd display is somewhat "dimmed"and darker than the dmd of other tables. Any idea why? I think it gets darker when the room darkens. not sure.
  5. Great table. Is there a way to remove the floating logo next to the actual table? It is hanging in the air. I see it on a lot of tables that use the minimal room but I find it a bit unrealistic because it floats in the air. How can I remove it? Thanks
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