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    Just look at the detail on this backglass. The smirk, the company name on the top right, and the card lettering - it's all top notch. Fabulous backglass.
    Another great altsound package. This table is one of the standards for testing SSF and the altsound package is just the cherry on top. Great work!
    I love this altsound. This table was a vlast already and the altsound just improved ot even further. Thank you for putting this out there for all of us.
    The staggering amount of detail and quality work is unmatched here. This table is as fun as it gets. Thank you for your hard work.
    Amazing color and overall design. Thank you for this great backglass!
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  2. Does anyone know why custom button mappings in VPX won’t save anymore for me after I try to map them? I am amazingly close to finishing up another table which utilizes an extra ball button on my cab but I can’t map it since VPINMAME needs a button assignment. I was trying to assign the extra ball button (keyboard press “2”) to “Button 1” in VPX and then assign Button 1 to the extra ball buy in feature. However, VPX won’t let me assign any custom buttons. I also clicked override defaults at the bottom but that didn’t change anything. I also tried deleting the registry keys for
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