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  1. The problem is that your VPMalias is pointing to the different ROM and not the one muted that was on the download link that I provided, your VPmalias have to be mtl_180hcm,mtl_180hc ( make sure your sambuild is updated and installed) Thanks for the support
  2. Send me email I can send you a new screen pup , I will be updating this file soon, because some people have that problem. [email protected]
  3. Hi I understand what you want, the way you want it i'm not sure if is possible, I dont know if it helps but with the optios 9,10,11 and 12 you can have the Original Backglass and the pup pack on the DMD .
  4. There is already a new version Sambuild 3.4 that you can get
  5. Thank you so much I'm so happy that you enjoy it , 🤘 and thank you so much for the donation ❤️
  6. I dont understand how that can happen but here is a link just for the overlay https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1urEXS8rA5rNR2O6iC8MFjz_wFKAauyZZ?usp=sharing
  7. Option 1 you don't need B2s this is the way it should look, you can take a picture of yours so I can see what's going on
  8. Hi Man Congrats for your new version of the GNR table it looks really good. I'm the guy that did the Pup Pack for the other table, people is asking me if I can make the pup pack to work with this table but I wanted to talk with you first to see if you are okay with it. you can email me. [email protected]
  9. I thing you are mentioning what is in this video if is that choose the option 1 for xxx version or option 3 for the PG version and will work with the full dmd video that is attached here just drop it on popper media manager and in games manager choose keep display on of that table. the videos on the playfiel are 2 slingshots plus the backdrop a total of 3 videos . let me know if works for you 2021-08-07 18-02-36.mp4 Guns and roses.mp4
  10. Wow you have a lot going on there lol, first yes you will have screens playing on the playfield, that is the videos that play on the apron and backdrop but you will not see them on playfield when you run the table in exclusive fullscreen, but if the table is crashing first we have to figure out why, and since you want something so personalize I recommend you send me email and so I can do it for you. [email protected]
  11. Inside the pup pack folder you have a file named editthispuppack.bat , run that file and inside the playlist folder and triggers folder where it says volume changed for what you want
  12. About the babies I'm not so sure, the wfe would be mad !!!hahahahah Makes me very happy that you enjoy the table, thanks for the support and thanks for the beer you are the first person ever to get me a beer !!!! can't tell you how much I appreciate your words !!! Thanks
  13. Sweet !!! Cool I'm glad you did, and thanks for putting the solution here so others with the same problem can follow , thanks
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