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  1. Version 0.9


    based on ROM 2.61 US Language, uses 64 palettes,so requires Pin2DMD ROM Version > 4.0
  2. I have updated the files now (close to final versions). I will upload some videos soon. c.
  3. just updated the files (now there are subfolders real/ and virtual/). c.
  4. to be more precise: V2.61, USA, English -tnz
  5. it is the latest rom from Stern, location: US, will look it up and let you know. -tnz
  6. Dear all, just wanted to let you know, that I have made some progress on a Spiderman Red Colorization project (to my knowledge there is no other project currently, but I am happy to receive updates here). I am new to the forum (more or less), so I am not sure how this is usually handled, but I am happy to share my 95% progress (for private and research use only:-) here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q__q_HgxcnrJYsiWvfIJxJfNF6XgNhC-?usp=sharing For real pins please contact me directly. Some notes: as you might know, Spiderman Red has lots of digitized film sequences in low res, so my approach was to color the existing film sequences with four colours in 16 different shades. So you have to use a Pin2DMD- firmware that is capable of using palettes with 64 entries for use. Therefore the result, is in no way comparable to colorDMD (quantization) high color quality. Since I am no artist (you will notice 😉) and this is a pure hobby project it lead to a partially inconsistent style with a comic-like appearance (to say something positive here). Digitizing film sequences is super tedious, so I used a python script to interpolate between keyframes that I have hand-coloured, which has saved me a ton of time (approx. 60% less than you would expect). If you are interested how this script works, have a look at this video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EDKGmYaAHhJ60RHRwQpilf5ZeTflA5Ba/view?usp=sharing I am happy to share the script, but it requires some python-knowledge to handle it. Let me know, if you are interested and I'll put it on github. If you have any comments: looking forward to them. Cheers, tnz
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