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  1. Wow, didn't see that coming! In the aftermath of Randr's action I thought this was about the same thing. Boy, was I wrong. SORRY about coming to that conclusion without thinking about other reasons... But it's hard to see a very nice community fall apart in just a few weeks. Thanks a lot for all the very beautiful tables that you've built, I enjoy them a lot.
  2. So anybody doing a Knorr & 32assassin Greatest Hits pack? Sorry, couldn't help myself 😅 But don't worry, there are lots of talented table builders out there and since this hobby is clearly growing (with its own set of growing pains apparently) more builders will begin creating beautiful stuff.
  3. ..and before I get flamed here as the not contributing *sshole: I do contribute on the FB groups, here not so much 😉
  4. I think if that really is the reason, then these guys should grow up. I really respect the people that make it all happen in this community, but pulling all your resources this way and all of a sudden leaves that action as your last action to be remembered by: the guy that turned his back on the community...
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