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  1. @hawkeyez88, it was my mistake. I was still using the old MP3s, so I just dropped the new ones in the Music folder and overwrote them. Thanks!
  2. I appreciate the PuP Pack version of this, @hawkeyez88! I've got it mostly working, but I'm not sure when I'm supposed to expect the videos to play on the backglass. I'm using Option 1 - DMD and Topper on BG - Multiplayer on a two-screen setup. It seems the songs that get played are the MP3 versions. Is there a special event that needs to take place, or do I need to use a different batch file? I've tried the first few with the same results. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the update, @CarnyPriest. It fixed the majority of color ROM issues I was having. The only one I have that is not working in color is acd_170hc. I tried repatching it, but it doesn't show up in color. However, it is functional. Are you seeing the same thing?
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