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  1. WOW ! We Miss a very well done Resque911 for vpx! MANY MANY MANY Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi guys , awesome Table !!!! It runs well in normal cab mode....but not in vr. Vroom enabled, vpx 10.7 beta 258, maverick 1.1 , vpvr gl 10.7....dmd not displayed....it seems that the table dont capture the dmd. Any suggestions? My other over than 100 tables works perfect.
  3. Script error during gameplay😥 Line:2253 Overflow: 'Csng'
  4. Maybe a bug in the table...sometimes ball stucks here. ( See photo)
  5. Oh my God....another Masterpiece!!! Thanks VPW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks a lot 3rdaxis! I love 90's tables in vr!!!
  7. It is not compatible with latest vpvr...it says the it was saved in vpx 10.7. 😓
  8. THANKS A LOT!!!! I hope you can will upload other missing vr tables from vpinball!😊
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