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  1. Hello creators, If any of you are looking for ideas on tables to create, we did lose both Elvira and the Party Monsters & Elvira's House of Horrors when vpinball closed. There is a VP9 version of Party Monsters for those creators that are good at converting from older VP versions. Thanks.
  2. Should there even be separate uploads for mods? I think that if someone was able to say improve the graphics that it be submitted to the original creator. Working with the original creator instead of against them.
  3. I used a torrent site years ago that was just like that. It was basically the only place for british tv shows and I thought that share ratio feature was a great idea. It was good at making sure people did take and run. They actually had to give back to the community by seeding what they download.
  4. I thought about sending 32assassin a DM since I know one of the tables is made by him but I also know he probably needs some time away after what went down last week with Bigus. I also have an old arcade cabinet I need to start testing so I'm in no rush to get the missing tables.
  5. I'm hoping for a few tables to show up. I have downloaded their backglass.
  6. I am curious to what happens now if the creators that use to upload to vpinball don't come back. Will all those tables that were only found there be lost forever?
    Thanks Wildman. I didn't even know this movie had it's own table.
  7. Yep. Someone requested cabinet support and in 10 days they had it available including direct table launch. Direct Table Launch Commands
  8. Hi fellow Poppers, Has anyone been successful in adding Malzbie's Pinball to Popper? It is a fun little pinball game and since they have cabinet support, I would really like to add it but unlike FX3, FP and VP, the tables are not in separate files making adding tables not as easy.
    Looks great going by the picture. Hoping 32assassin will upload the table soon. Thanks for all of your great backglasses Wildman.
  9. That is a great feature from an end user point of view. I prefer to show my thanks with a donation.
  10. Hello all, There is a Thundercats FP table that was released back in 2006 I believe, and is available from pinsimdb. Is there anyone who could update that table to work properly in current version of FP+BAM? Thanks.
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