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  1. Hi, I am learning about DOF and now got it to work in VPX as well as in Pin up menu. I only use it with a teensy controller for led strips as well as rgb leds in flipper and magna save buttons. I read somewhere about macros like "@[email protected]" which can be used with both pinballx and pinbally, to get the flipper and magna save buttons change color with the game being displayed. Does "@[email protected]" also work with pin up menu or is there something similar available for pin up? I already asked the same on FB, but no answer /Jarr3
  2. Hi, I have created a small becon light for my mid size flipper. I built it using a IKEA "Aktiverad" light and replaced the inner led with 4 WS2812B strip lights, set in a "circle". Do you know what would be the easiest effect to choose to get it light up the for led's in a circle over and over? I read a nice walkthrough of DOF Config creator at https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=41676 from TerryRed where he describes something like a "PF Beacon MX", which "has not been used on any table". Would that maybe be a solution? How can I see ho
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