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  1. thank you for the puppack it's going great I also switched on the two aprons just great However, I noticed that the LILDeadpool Multiball is no longer displayed (with the 1st puppack already) and when I finish the table, I have an apron display at the top right of the screen (deadpool is playing with the table) you can switch this off thanks
  2. thanks for the nice b2s looks great short question which Rome would that be ... thanks
  3. many many Thanks A wonderful Table
  4. Your work is really remarkable It's really nice that there are people like you to make this hobby even more exciting Thank you very much for your efforts
  5. for me, the apron videos are always behind the field and when I finish the table I get a script (pupscreen) error message what am I wrong there thanks
  6. Version 1.0.0


    An alternative Batman 66 backglass or topper for adults
  7. try the full DMD in the script That's how it worked for me Had the problem too
  8. What a Great Table Mann Mann thanks unbelievable
  9. wonderfull Table Many many Thanks
  10. Many Many Thanks just played the old table and thought to myself, somewhat blurry graphics, but no matter I like to play in and now this ..............
  11. wonderful table Thank you for your efforts
  12. darkknight


  13. wonderful table Many Many thanks
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