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  1. Hey @Flens Sounds like you have the right setup. Just a few things to check. Have you made sure that Data East / Sega is checked as the pinball mode. Enhancer is set to ON. Also I would not mark the checkbox "Create Dump File" two or three seconds before the relevant scene. I would mark it as soon as you start playing. If you are doing it so soon before the scene it may not record it all properly. After you are happy you have got all the scenes then you can unmark the checkbox for create dump file. It doesn't matter if you record too much, just u
  2. You can create a new project from scratch, it will occur as well. I just tried. Please at least watch the video I sent you. It shows a mask that isn't selected being added to the keyframe. It looks like if the mask is already showing before you select a keyframe and then change the mask number it ignores the mask number change.
  3. Hi @lucky1, me again So I've been testing colour files for people for a while now, dumping scenes, recording etc and now that I am doing a colourisation myself I was thinking of some new features. You say that you should not dump while you have a colour file loaded as this can cause issues with the dump. My question is, could we upgrade the EVO hardware either by putting on a more powerful CPU that contains the same architecture as the current chip, as a drop in replacement without any hardware revision necessary? So on the BOM instead of ordering the
  4. Thanks for the reply. Would you be able to change the Message that pops up to show where the keyframe conflict is or will that not be possible? At the moment it says KeyFrame 1 (m11), Keyframe 1 (m10) and Keyframe 1. The only real keyframe in the list out of all of those is Keyframe 1 (m11). The other 2 don’t exist in the Keyframes list. If it’s not possible that’s ok, but if it told me that Keyframe 20 (m10) was using the same one then I could jump to that Keyframe and fix both. Thanks EDIT: This looks like a bug. I will
  5. I'm having a new issue and I am not sure what the cause is. It has only started since upgrading to 4.09 FW and the latest editor. That could just be a coincidence though. The issue is with detection frames and the replace scene not playing. What happens is as soon as it detects a keyframe it either starts to play the replace sequence and then cuts back to the original frames (non coloured and not replaced) or it flickers at the keyframe changes colour and then cuts back to the original frames. So far it is only happening for replacement scenes. The keyframe
  6. From what I have gathered, your device came pre-flashed with Pin2dmd firmware, setup for your machine and ready to plug in. ST Link is for a different board version all together so you won't have any luck with that. The update you have selected from the link provided does look correct for your device. Having an error though while updating could mean that the copy to the SD card was corrupt, the SD card itself is corrupt or there is a hardware issue with the SD card slot. Having activated it yourself via SD would rule out the slot. Regardless, you don't need to do any of that to get it to
  7. @lucky1 I've got an issue with the latest build of the editor 64 bit Mac version. Check Keyframe takes a very long time compared to what it used to be. Could you check this function please? It's not my project as I have tried with several projects and all are the same ( I downloaded a couple of ones from here to test). Just tried Getaway from the downloads and that also does it.
  8. Hey there, I have been working on TMNT for the last few months. Due to a few major issues with the FW which are now fixed I ended up redoing the whole thing from scratch. However I have kept ALL of Malenkos animations as they are awesome. I reached out to Malenko a while ago but he has been super busy plus he doesn't own the real machine anymore. This has actually been a challenging table for me as it's my first full colourisation and I own the real pin. This has been a very involved project with lucky being kind enough to redo the hardware specially for TMNT mounting as well as a few oth
  9. Totally forgot to reply to this but if you haven't worked it out yet, name the single digits with a 0 (zero) before them. So 01, 02, etc Keep up the great work!
  10. If you check the sample order folder when you download the order zip off GitHub it will have some pictures in there that you can compare to. They are a good resolution so you can zoom in too. This will help you check orientation of parts etc and it even has arrows for the cathode and anode.
  11. No problem. For me it is no issue either because I can control the firmware version bundling myself and also between the other person and let them know and guide them. Anything I have will always be the latest as well. This was more a suggestion for others as not everyone reads the read me or follows instructions. I understand about the preference to prioritise new functionality and that’s cool. Just thought I’d share my ideas. I will focus on some feature suggestions in the future. Keep up the great work!
  12. Hi Lucky1, with the release of 4.08 which introduced this new improvement for LCM as well as back for 3.17 which added LCM support I was wondering if it was possible to add a version checker to the editor, colour files and firmware. Something like a minimum version of firmware needed to run the colour file. It could be a simple flag such as MinVr=4.08 that is added to the colour file to check upon load. The firmware would look for the flag and if it is set to 4.08 and the user is running say 4.01 it will prompt them to update. It could just be a reminder/warning at the start or it could l
  13. First off, awesome work so far. It looks fantastic in 64 colours! Have you watched @NetzZwerg Video on Youtube here: PIN2DMD Editor | Basic Tutorial by Martin Knoppke It has a great overview of cutting and keyframing scenes for WPC which will apply to Judge Dredd. I have only started colouring so I think it is best to wait for the experts to reply. In the meantime I can give you some pointers from what I have gathered from the tutorials I have read to see if you can push forward while you wait for other input. From the video, you want to look for a frame/hash that has a
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