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  1. This can be caused by a few things. One solution that has worked for me is to replace the BAT60J with a zero ohm resistor or just bridge the 2 points together. If that doesn't work then you will have to check over the capacitors close to the CPU and see if any are showing zero volts as it could be a soldering issue.
  2. Hey Guys, I am working with @Rene368 on an update to the Sega EVO 192x64. Very minor changes but so far we are moving the data connector down and to the right a little bit. I have come across many people lately who have told me their stock ribbon cable is too short. After checking over a bunch of XL DMD's I noticed that maybe there was a version with a different data connector location. Sure you could say just buy a longer ribbon cable, but we both agreed that with a small tweak to the design, it could be made universal. René has finished the relocation but I wanted to check with you guys if you could see any issue to where it has been moved to. Obviously the pins go through the back of the PCB so it had to be in a location that wouldn't interfere with the LED panels. I have a picture of an original DMD and a (badly) photoshopped mockup of the new placement of the connector on the Pin2dmd. The other things we are looking at are possibly changing the Mini USB to a USB C connector and also possibly changing the location of the USB and SD card reader if it isn't easily accessible at the top after the DMD is back in the speaker panel. As I don't have a Sega XL Machine on hand to check this, maybe someone with one could confirm the location is or isn't easily accessible for us. If everything works out then we will be releasing the updated design to the community for anyone who would like to use it. Thanks
  3. I had some trouble getting into DFU mode but that could be my USB cable. I managed to get it updated today and now my SanDisk card will be read and can also perform an update with no problem. The Samsung card is still not recognised at all but I don't think that card was recognised on the standard Pin2dmd's either so it's nothing new. The SanDisk however was working on the standard Pin2dmd's and now after the latest update works on the HD's too.
  4. Yep, the SD and USB connectors need to be moved regardless. I've got a DE machine so I can check the measurements. This will probably be the first thing done and if the DMD driver pcb integration doesn't happen, it will hopefully be a universal fit for those connectors.
  5. Additional info about this one as it's another deviation from our normal list. Audiofreak reached out to me with a very solid dump of this game so we are making it available to the community. Wob will be adding to this and I will also have access to the real pin shortly to add some more dumps too. Hopefully a 64 colour project can be created from this.
  6. Hey guys, This is the seventh game we will be releasing dumps and videos for as part of the Pin2DMD Dump Project. The project which consists of Wob, Slippifishi and myself aims to provide game dumps, videos and information to anyone and everyone willing to colour a game for Pin2DMD. We plan to cover every single game that has yet to be coloured. As you may be aware, the list of games without a colour file is pretty extensive so this will take some time. If you or someone you know wants to help submit dumps, start colouring a game or just have a Real or Virtual Pin that you can test other peoples projects, please contact myself or wob. We have a lot of things in the pipeline so if this release doesn't interest you, there will be much more to come. You can find the full list here by scrolling to the bottom of the first post: Complete Pin2DMD Colour File List Big thanks to @Audiofreak for dumping this one! @Wob has got this lined up as well and will be doing a run through with video shortly, I will add that when ready. Thanks guys! Scared Stiff by Midway, 1996 - Dump Files: SS Dumps - Video: Coming soon - Recommended Game ROM Version: 1.5 - Latest Version of the Pin2DMD Editor - Latest Version of the Pin2DMD Tool - Latest Version of the Pin2DMD Firmware for x32 (Bally/Williams) - Pin2DMD colouring tutorial Video by NetzZwerg - Editor Overview - Editor Tutorial It is recommended to use the Pin2DMD editor to colour all games going forward. The 64 Bit version of the editor as well as using a 64 colour project is highly recommended also. If you need help with testing, more dumps or videos, please let us know. Once a project has been taken on, we will focus our efforts in providing you with assistance the best we can. Feel free to post updates here and share your progress. Thank you and Good Luck!
  7. Have gone through my cards with the update method as described above. Kingston, Toshiba and generic branded cards all work great, they also update the firmware no problem. My Sandisk no longer stops the device from booting and it also can load colour files, however, the Sandisk will not update the device. I bought a new card to test as well which was a Samsung Evo and that doesn’t get recognised at all.
  8. Did the source get released for this one? I should be getting access to a real Godzilla Pin shortly and I will be creating dumps of the scenes that need fixing.
  9. @lucky1 If I load up a dump in the editor and attach a Pin2dmd via USB with colour files for that game which the dump is from, should I be able to do a live preview and get a 1:1 representation of the colour file? I'm doing some testing and I am not sure if the colour file has issues or if the editor/USB connection is too slow and is causing the colour file to break. I'm basically playing back the raw dump, it seems to have a bit of lag. If it's not fast enough, (speed 10) is it possible to speed it up to be 1:1 of a real pin? If it's my setup, is there anything I can do to improve it? Thanks
  10. Sandisk SD Cards now work and all my SD cards work with this update. I will buy some more brands over the weekend to test, thanks. There are 2 problems that can occur, the unit will fail to boot or the unit will fail to load the colour file or write back to the card. The best way to test is to make sure your unit is activated, copy a colour file to your SD card and then test it. If it loads the colour file you have a working SD card. If it fails to boot or the colour file doesn't load, then you have an unsupported SD card.
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