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  1. Thank you. I know I could have seen this in the scrip but needed to know now and I'm on my phone.
  2. What rom is used with this table. What exact name.
  3. Thank you, just the kinda answer I was looking for.
  4. So, I have discovered since I began poking around with virtual Pinball that, there's a conflict. Tabels being uploaded to one place and not the other, censorship and people starlight upp hating each other. Why is this? What happened? And why are there more then one site for this. I read somewhere about the admin over at vpf rambling about how he saved rehab community. Then we have the hot topic Bigus. Why is non of his mods posted here? That has something to do with the permission to mod, a topic where the community opinion seem to differ greatly. I envision that this can confuse newcomers, myself include. So where did it all go wrong. I don't seek to create drama. I find a value in discussing and reflecting on why things are, and if they need to be.
  5. So after finally getting Cactus canyon continued to work. I figured I make a guide I would have apricated if it was there for me when I first started trying to get this to work. This is a first draft. Pleas do tell if something needs to be changed or added. This is a basic guide. There are other ways to do things and everything does not have to be as I say (like you don't have to place the file on C, this is mentioned in this support thread how to do). But the guide is this way to keep it simple. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13IFTYmMBM2NyLhg49XZIDoDCJdmb5RFhhcbH347ZL2w/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Thank you. I wonder, what does "key" stand for?
  7. Still don't answer the question though. A quick Google tells me ground is - but I would like to be certain so I don't do it wrong. Because I don't know if it matters. So I rephrase the question: Dose ground go in + or -
  8. In what order? Is that important? Like, ground has to be in 2 and 12v must be in 1 or the other way around? Google fails me on this subject.
  9. I just understood what a screw terminal is. I was blinded by the white 5v and 12v. There are 2 screws. What go's in 1 and what goes in 2? I'm guessing 1 12v and 1 ground.
  10. I will not open my pc, instead I will use this https://www.inet.se/produkt/5322443/phobya-extern-natdel-230v-4pin-molex-34w
  11. In an earlier talk with Dominik he said: " Hi! You don’t need external power for your pin2dmd. The vpin version comes with a standard molex connector which you can simply plug into your atx power supply. " Suggesting that the molex end is not plugged in to the board.
  12. Dominik now confirmed for me on messenger that he uses a connector that is only molex on one end. The other end is surly something that fit whatever those numbers and names above means.
  13. I talked with tech owner of germangamingsupplies.com ( Dominik Dancsó) on Facebook and he explained that when you select Vpin as the area the pin2dmd will be used, a molex connector is included. I'm sure it will fit and work flawlessly, until proven otherwise.
  14. I up vote you as you answer my question and came with useful information. But.... How is any of that more user friendly then what I'm linking to. I'm getting my pin2dmd Evo from germangamingsupplies.com and talked to him on Facebook, he told me he ships the Evo with a molex connector, that I'm for that reason think will fit fine. And will be truly plug and play with the external power supply in buying. I'm sorry, it's not you. But the assumption in this forum that ppl will just know or are expected to learn when there is a solutions that require neither and that is so much easier. I know I have a grate image for this..... Ah, here it is. I picked this up on a forum for retro consoles and crt tvs. I got similar suggestions there trying to connect my wii to a crt monitor, vga. In the end I used the wiis hdmi converter with a hdmi to vga converter I had laying around. Considerably cheaper.
  15. I found this https://www.inet.se/produkt/5322443/phobya-extern-natdel-230v-4pin-molex-34w If I understand what els I have read, 12 v is now acceptabel as there is a converter on the board.
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