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  1. Hello Wildman,

    downloaded your Backglas some days ago, but I had to mod it for my 3Screen Setup. Don't want to upload it, without your Permission.

    I am sending it to you, hopefully, you like it, fell free, to add it to your Download.

    Greetings from Germany,


    PS: If there are any questions, mail me at markus@vpinball.de

    Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally 1981 LE).directb2s

    1. Wildman


      yeah go ahead and upload it ...I was going to make it 3scr but to me its kinda like just a back glass not a dmd ?

    2. Wildman


      oh yea next time send pm do not post here

    Hi Rusty, I really like the idea of the topper collection. Would be cool, to add a monitor on top of a vpin and display the topper that belongs to the vpin. In case of my 3screen cab, it would be a 4screen cab in the end :-) My question: is there a possibility to do so, maybe in combination with pinball X Anyway, cool idea, Greetings form germany
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