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  1. A big annual donation drive like pbs or wikipedia might also work.
  2. You could also send out one email a month to members gently reminding them of that months progress of donations. You could attempt to solicit one member a month to write it up in a newletter style. Perhaps showing progress of a build or something of that nature.
  3. Something as simple as a graph showing progress of donations on the homepage could help a bit.
  4. I think $5 is a good price. $3 is a bit iffy when you look at the patreon cut. Don't forget to include higher tiers. There will surely be supporters of different economic means including some who would like to donate more. I subscribe to a few podcast patreons and there is usually a $30-$100 per month tier that is really only rewarded with a title such as executive producer.
  5. You could build a sick driving cab with that. You should get someones old ass pc and thow an arcade vga card in there. Try to wire up the monitor without getting electrocuted. Then put all the initial d's on it through technoparrot. --just my 2cents
  6. also need to be sure the cgamename in the script matches the name of your rom.
  7. Shouldn't need to remove anything. couple more things to check: I would hit f1 when the game is running and make sure use external dmd is checked. You can also check your dmddevice.ini to make sure everything looks good there. located in vpinmame folder. individual game settings get saved down at the bottom so maybe your attack from mars settings got saved with an off screen resolution or something.
  8. Hey there I can try to help. A few things to try: 1. Make sure your b2s has the exact same name as table. 1. Try reregistering the b2s server in tables folder called b2s register app or something like that. 2. Run the B2s setup app and make sure all the fields are correct. - also located in tables folder. 3. double check your screenres.txt to make sure your settings there are good. - also located in tables folder. 4. If all else fails don't dispute the reboot. Also I referenced this post a lot when I was first dialing in my setup. https://www.vpforums.or
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