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    Thanks, I playing this table a lot and now the DMD It looks absolutely fantastic. And thanks for you support for all off use LCD dmd.
    Another super update of a cool pinball machine, keep up the good work, can not wait to see what the next one will be.
  1. Thanks for another great update. Good and fast gameplay 😊
  2. It looks fantastic. Can only say it is very well done, and really good to play.
    Nice table, it was one of those I have overlooked. Have played it without problems so it can be highly recommended.
    Fantastic B2S which gives Mystic (Bally 1980) 1.0.0 just the shiny my cabinet setup was missing.
  3. Thanks for another great pinball game that has also been added to my collection. Five stars from me.
    Fantastically well done, I did not have Rescue 911 in my collection either, so it was really a good surprise.
  4. First thanks for another great update, really well done. I also got some script errors 'aBall' can not divide by zero. I have inserted a new line 80 with 'Const aBall = 1', after that I have not received e.g. the error in line 1616, but I'm not an expert so it's just to see if it could remove any errors. But I have now played over an hour without error, however this may be luck instead of having corrected an error.
    Excellent B2S really nicely made, gives JP Deadpool a big boost.
    Really well made, it lifts the game a lot. Looking forward to what you come up with in the future.
    As written elsewhere, it's just a great release. Have played it like never before. So I look forward to seeing what you bring in the future.
  5. Fantastically well done, this is the best update of Tales from the Crypt. It was just what it deserved.
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